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Thread: General Question about aftermarket gauges

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2015-11-23 21:07:33
General Question about aftermarket gauges
Hi All,

I am building kind of a restromod 68 Datsun Fairlady Roadster. I installed a 1996 SR20DET out of a Japanese Silvia. I did get the complete wiring harness and ECU with my JDM purchase, but not much else.
The 68 had mechanical gauges that are rusty, ugly, and not what I want to use since I am not even going to use the stock dashboard, but one from a 66 that is flat with round openings. I have been eyeballing the Stewart warner Gauge kits and I know that I will have to use an electric speedometer, but that is about all I know for sure.
I have a lead from my ECU for a tach, I don't imagine the tach is anything special, right? so that should not be an issue.
So as far as temp and oil pressure gauges, can I use the stock senders? or do you recommend mechanical over electric?
I am new to the SR world, so if these are simple basic questions, please don't flame me, I just don't want to screw things up. I am not really sure where the existing senders are located at this time (Still learning a lot)
So anybody feels like sharing their experiences with aftermarket gauges and the best way to go, please jump in and educate me.
The engine seems to be running fine, but I would sure like to know if it is running hot, or if my oil pressure is correct before I put any miles on this.

Thanks in advance
2015-11-23 21:55:15
besgt bet is to buy new gagues as they all typically come with senders that they are calibrated for. this way you wont have any issues.

Coolant temp - youll have to tap something, either the water neck, or get a adapter that goes inbetween the hose
oil temp / pressure - youll either have to get a nisport or similar adapter for the rear of the block/side in your case & youll hook in the OEM pressure switch & the after market. Or you could get a converter & throw away the stock pressure sensor & hook the aftermarket into it.

Fuel might be a bit tricky. but you should be able to get a reading from the float & then calibrate yourself (assuming you have a capable gauge)
2015-11-24 14:58:41
Thanks, that is good information
2015-11-24 15:43:14
I prefer electrical over mechanical gauges. That way you wont have any lines running into the car say for your oil pressure. I would not want to deal with that line failing inside the cabin.
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