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Thread: Little glassing!

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2015-09-29 20:42:58
how do you calculate the volume for the box n the subwoffer? is there a certin amout of space you should give for the woffer?
2015-09-29 20:58:41
Certainly, check the specs. All subs can be different. Ported or sealed. Generally this matters more with ported, sealed has a more forgiving "one size fits all" approach. I did sealed for mine in case I ever swap speakers I won't have to worry as much. You'll get deeper tones with ported tho, but again, correct specs matter more here
2015-09-30 14:25:06
.7 cu ft isn't much.
2015-09-30 15:06:03
I like a little bigger box for sealed, as long as you have the power to control it. It mellows out the tone and it is not as peaky. I usually did 1 cu ft for a 10".
2015-10-02 18:00:03
Little glassing!

Soooo I screwed up - the box wasn't quite deep enough for the sub. Had to get creative.
2015-10-02 18:38:02
Where is your box? Why not just use some shims to mount the sub ring on then stretch fabric over to get the depth you need?
2015-10-02 21:15:31
Ran out of epoxy and glass. Now just making it work.
2015-10-22 21:43:42
Little glassing!
Originally Posted by canx2k
Ran out of epoxy and glass. Now just making it work.

[img] [url]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d164/anjoopear/Mobile%20Uploads/IMAG1134_zpspixfzosg.jpg[/url] [/img]

2015-10-22 21:47:20
Gotta clean all the gook off the front metal frame but all in all, not terrible and what is ugly is hidden.
2015-10-23 00:24:54
honestly, not a fan for a multitude of obvious reasons. Nice to see a DIY project... but placement is less than sub-optimal (see what I did there?)
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