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Thread: How To: Crank pulley -- Oil Pump -- Spacer (all common combinations explained!)

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2022-05-24 11:07:34
Oh boy, from memory I think you could probably slide the DE collar out and slide the VE collar in. Getting the DE collar out will be the hard part. You could probably get it done with a strong magnet. Or worst case drilling into it and threading a small screw into the hole for purchase. You might even be able to blow it out with compressed air or something...
If it doesn't work right away, maybe spray some aerosol lubricant in the to loosen everything up.
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2022-06-08 13:54:07
I really appreciate this thread, but I've had a question that I haven't found answered here.

My current setup is DE engine/crank, with VE oil pump/pickup tube, Gspec alu pulley and Gspec spacer.

Simple enough, right?

But I'm considering getting an ATI Super Damper.

I found a 7-year-old comment from Chris Turner on the facebook group saying that his setup is DE crank, Gspec spacer, VE pump, then ATI damper.

That just about put my mind at ease, but then I saw that ATI sells part number #916298 as a .2" (or 5mm) spacer " NISSAN SR20 - USE W/BASE DE ENGINE."

I think ATI's spacer is potentially similar to the early-gen Gspec ones, since it doesn't appear to have the flats on either side.
I'm just not sure.

2022-06-12 18:50:39
Worst case scenario you have to grind their spacer a bit, or grind their pulley a bit. Shouldn't be a big deal.
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