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Thread: Seeking info on JGYCustoms, Inc.

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2011-12-13 16:50:19
Seeking info on JGYCustoms, Inc.
I am an attorney representing a car owner against JGYCustoms, Inc. I am searching for other customers who have had disputes or problems with JGYCustoms. Another former JGYCustoms customer suggested that I ask around on this forum and a couple of others.

I am especially interested in hearing from you if JGYCustoms did any of the following things during your dispute with them or anything similar:

-Refused to return your car and/or parts until you paid a disputed bill

-Refused to provide a final invoice but insisted you owed them money

-Sold your car, parts you had paid for/sent them, or other items without your permission and without filing a proper mechanic's lien

-Took parts from your vehicle or project for use on other vehicles/projects without your permission

-Used threats, harassment, or other means to try to intimidate you into paying a bill

-Any other fraudulent or abnormal business practices

Please read the following information before contacting me:

1. DO NOT CONTACT ME IF: you have a current lawsuit pending against JGYCustoms, Inc., Jason Garrett Young, or any employee or agent thereof (instead, please provide me with contact information for your lawyer ONLY)

2. If you have not sued JGYCustoms, Inc. but intend to, I cannot represent you. Soliciting clients directly is against Virginia's ethical rules. I am not seeking additional business.

3. I will not provide you with any legal advice whatsoever regarding your own situation with JGYCustoms, Inc.


It has come to my attention that certain employees of JGYCustoms, Inc. sometimes harass former customers after the fact using false names, usernames, e-mail addresses, and the like. You may verify my identity and credentials as a lawyer with the following information:

Thomas M. Gray, III
Virginia Bar #80416
Tennessee Bar #029820
(423) 652-1002
thomgraylaw at gmail dot com
Welcome - Thomas M. Gray, III, Attorney at Law

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and have a nice day.
2011-12-13 22:35:09
Please note - There is zero relationship between Mr. Gray, the forum, any of the moderators on the forum, or myself.

This thread will be watched closely by the moderators, and cleaned up if it gets out of control for any reason. I'd recommend that if you'd like to contact Mr Gray, you do it via direct communication using the contact information that he has provided.
2011-12-14 01:55:00
I'm not the least bit surprised.

I'm not sure he's done any business on this specific forum, however there could easily be forum members that meet your requirements as stated above.

Here's the unhappy Members Feedback threads for JGY from the other forum. In descending chronological order from the top starting with the most recent.

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The sheer number of negative threads alone speaks volumes about JGY.

I wish you the best of luck sir.
2011-12-14 18:35:26
I was certainly ripped off by those guys a few years back. I bought an Intercooler and the associated plumbing which was advertised as Aluminum pipe with a proprietary "space age coating". The kit was supposed to include a downpipe as well. I got STEEL intercooler piping that was spray painted silver, no downpipe, and the wrong BOV. When i called them to address these issues I was told by the representative on the phone that when I placed my order over the phone, and specifically asked if the I/C kit came with the downpipe, and was assured that it did; he said he " Must have been chasing the dragon that day". No kidding. they also would not send me the correct BOV because it was "no longer being manufactured". I never pursed the issue any further. Now I just warn anyone who mentions them about their business practices, and advise them not to do business with these scam artists.
2011-12-14 20:34:49
Originally Posted by Crim
Please note - There is zero relationship between Mr. Gray, the forum, any of the moderators on the forum, or myself.

This thread will be watched closely by the moderators, and cleaned up if it gets out of control for any reason. I'd recommend that if you'd like to contact Mr Gray, you do it via direct communication using the contact information that he has provided.

I strongly agree, phone contact is best. Thank you for your help, and thanks to the members who have contacted me already.
2012-04-19 20:50:54
I can say that I have spoken with Mr. Gray and verified his credentials in TN and VA.

I hope all who have cause will contact Mr. Gray.

I AM NOT A LAWYER, but after having taken JGY Customs to court myself, I thought I would share some thoughts with those who plan on paying someone else to do major modifications to their car.

1. Take your time and do some SERIOUS RESEARCH before you choose a vendor. Call the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to check for past complaints. Get references from past customers. Ask any online forums for recommendations and about any complaints with the prospective vendor. Has that vendor been sued repeatedly? Find out.

2. Don't entrust your car to any shop without a thorough check of their qualifications. They should have ASE certified mechanics on staff. Ask them if they have proven experience in manufacturing, basic engine tuning, engine rebuilding, metal working, electrical work, etc.

3. PICK A LOCAL SHOP IF POSSIBLE. If you use a shop/vendor that is geographically proximate you can monitor their work, easily bring your car back for warranty repairs, and/or easily bring them to court if they cheat you. I cannot emphasize how IMPORTANT this is.

4. I can't stress this enough...GET A CONTRACT before you spend thousands of dollars on your car. Do not pay anyone to work on your car, especially for non-standard/aftermarket modifications, without a CONTRACT outlining basic expectations and timeframe.

There is no ASE manual to consult with on expected labor times and rates for non-standard work. If you end up in court the CONTRACT will be the basis for a complaint. If the judge is not mechanically competent your arguments will need to relate to poor performance of the CONTRACT because he or she won’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Even a few sentences scribbled on the shop's invoice is better than nothing. You'd be amazed "how bad some people's memory gets" in front of that judge.

5. Make sure the shop outlines all WARRANTIES for parts and labor. Also remember that although a shop may claim they have no responsibility for parts and labor, local laws may contradict this. CHECK LOCAL LAWS.

6. DOCUMENT ALL CORRESPONDENCE. Save every E-MAIL, take PICTURES, bring multiple WITNESSES to every meeting you have with the shop/vendor and send everything registered mail. Keep phone conversations to a minimum because you cannot record them without permission. Again, you'd be amazed how much people can "forget" or even just outright lie, when in court.

7. Always pay with a credit card, NEVER with CASH and avoid personal checks. The willingness of your CC company to mediate credit card disputes varies by lender. However the CC company can provide a very effective way to get your money back should you get cheated. Investigate which of your CC companies has the most aggressive and customer-loyal dispute resolution services.

8. If you don't agree with the quality of work done,you might consider not paying them (see next tip). In some cases if you pay the shop, this may imply you agreed with the quality of work done. Remember, THEY CANNOT HOLD YOUR CAR. It's your property. Call the police if you need to. Take your car and arbitrate or go to court later. Arbitration services are often available in your county for free.

9. Remember, some jurisdictions require you to provide proof that you spent money to repair damages(s) made by the shop before you can bring a law suit against the shop! This means you might have to spend THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to repair mistakes with NO GUARANTEE you'll get any of it back from the vendor/shop. Especially if you don’t have a CONTRACT!!! Check local Laws.

10. Don't let the excitement of your project put you in a compromising situation. It's better to pay a little more for parts and service and go with a LOCAL and REPUTABLE shop, than to get a lower price from a start-up operation.
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