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Thread: Pulling injector wires out of plugs

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2009-10-05 21:40:21
Pulling injector wires out of plugs
I am needing some help with this. I have sti Injectors, and I've heard of people just switching the plugs out instead of cutting wires and crimping/soldering them together. I got the sti wires out of the plugs, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the stock wires out of the stock plugs. Can anyone give me some ideas maybe some pics on what to do. I tried 2 mini flat head screw drivers, didn't seem to budge them at all :/
2009-10-06 01:53:14
It is difficult when they are stuck. I just jiggle the **** out of it and hold it as low as possible so the wire doesn't rip.
2009-10-06 03:49:06
so no need to pry anything? My sti's there was a little clip that held the wire in, and I just lifted it up and it popped right out
2009-10-06 03:56:52
remove the orange clip from the stock ones on the plug in side not the wire side. this secures the wires little clips against the wire pins tightly. Lift the hold clips off the pins and pull the wires with pins out. Install into the sti clips.

This is a very simple procedure.

If its hard for you then use a small pick and push down between the wire pin and the clip holding it and then pry down and foward ontop of the wire pin and it will push it down and out while keeping the clip away. If i had infinite amount of time i would take pics and do a how to, haha
2009-10-06 04:07:49
You talking about the clip thats like on top of the wires that holds both down at once?
2009-10-06 04:11:21
yes im making a how to right now, hold on and ill have pics up and a thread link hahaha. i was bored.
2009-10-06 04:16:54
haha ok thanks! But I tried that and it didn't work, maybe there just junked in or something.
2009-10-06 04:27:46
Before you even begin, if you are doing this in the car with the battery connected, please disconnect the battery. Dont want to short out the injector wire as it has a constant positive whether the key is on or off.

Alright first step is to remove the orange clip that holds the wire pin securing clips tight on the pins. This clip also seconds as a guide into the injector to keep a tight fit as well. Basicly pry the tab of the orange clip located on the release clip of the injector connector. Dont pry too hard or you will break it.

Then once you pry it foward a bit quickly move to the side and stick the flat tip between the side of the connector and orange clip and gently pry or twist the flat tip upwards and it should pop loose and out of the injector clip. If it doesnt give the tab another pry or if you have two tools to pry with you can work with both.

Then your left with just the orange piece that comes out.

Next take a needle or pin that is small enough to release the wire pin securing tab and strong enough press downward on the pin to push it down clearing the securing tab. All you got to do for this is push the pin or whatever your using between the black securing tab and the wire pin and then pry down on to the top part of the wire pin. This will push the pin down while keeping the securing tab away allowing it to release from the clip.

Then once you pry down pull the wire out or just out enough so that it doesnt go back in place while you do the next one.

Then remove the wires completely from the connector. They will only clip back into the securing tabs one way. There is a flat side of the pin and just look at it as you remove it and you can tell how it goes into the new connector. Also make sure if you are doing this on the cars harness please disconnect the battery. If you short the positive to anything metal it will spark and possibly blow your fuse. I believe its one of your engine control fuses. Not exactly positive. Id have to look at the diagram.

2009-10-06 04:35:29
OK! I see what needs to be done now. I was just trying to get the wires out with the orange part still in there. Thanks for the help Ashton! Greatly Appreciated!
2009-10-06 04:48:08
yeah, impossible to get it out. That clip not only presses the securing tabs but the tab you pry back to remove the orange clip also secures into the other side of the wire pin.

Yeah ive done it this way for a while. Saves soldering or cutting and splicing wires.
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