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Thread: Bring a trailer auctions of interest

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2020-03-24 18:48:12

Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words everyone. To say I'm excited to add this car to my herd is an understatement. And that brings up a topic... I understand that some B13 SE-R owners feel these cars may not get the resale value love that, oh, say the Supra TT and Integra Type R do but keep this in mind. I spent right around 15 years looking for the right SE-R. I didn't spend 15 years looking for a Supra TT or ITR. That is because like a BMW E30 M3 or Integra Type R the SE-R was a truly special car not to be repeated. Because of this I do see values of these continuing an upward trend. There is also what I like to call the "GTI bump". As some of you may know the Mk1 VW Rabbit GTI values have accelerated greatly this past 18 months. I believe this trend will continue with the GTI's and excellent examples will continue to gain pace (once of course the economy recovers and things return to some normalcy). The rise of values in the 1st Gen GTI will spill over and bring the focus in on cars in similar segments, even the forgotten heroes such as Dodge Omni GLHS's, Mazda 323 GTX's or Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo's and the Euro hot hatches like the Peugeot 205 GTI's, Renault 5 GT Turbo's and even the Mk2 Golf GTI.

Here is some insight from me as a buyer... Going into this Bring A Trailer auction I can tell you I felt a nice, stock, rust free, smoke free B13 SE-R with, say, 150k miles and no mechanical needs was worth $10,000 - $12,500. If the car was in a good color I'd bump that another $1000. If the mileage was low I'd add another $1000 - $2000. And if the car was coming from a desirable part of the country (Pacific Northwest is particularly kind to cars due to the cooler weather and less sun exposure) then you can add quite a bit more because cosmetics are a huge part of marketing and selling collector cars. And while all of us have our own version of the "holy grail" car, for me this one-owner, 107k mile, Pac NW car in a black color was just about spot on and worth $12,500 - $15,000. And I was prepared to go as high as $16,500. And even at that number was not sure I'd get it as I know there are other passionate SE-R buyers out there looking for the right car. If the hammer came down as $22,000 it would not have surprised me in the least. If a 1971 Datsun 240Z can bring $310,000 or a 1983 Rabbit GTI can bring $33,000 an unmolested Sentra SE-R can certainly bring more then $8500 especially when you consider the SE-R is actually a much harder car to find. There are a ton of 240Z's available and the GTI's are finding their way into the marketplace. But the SE-R's are rare as hens teeth. I have a feeling if the values climb high enough owners will start reversing their mods.

Sorry for the long post.... My career is in marketing and value tracking/prediction so this stuff is right up my alley.

2020-03-24 21:53:31
Welcome and congrats on your new car! A lot of us have been die hard enthusiasts of the B13 SE-R and all other things SR20 related for many years. I searched for six years for what is my stock SE-R and I love it to death as well. Would never part. Not one thought.
2020-03-26 12:31:40
Congrats on the purchase! Very curious to see if the GTI, the pioneer of the hot FWD segment, brings the B13 and others with it.
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