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Thread: (Serious) AWD B13 Info needed. + Build Thread? + Status

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2018-10-12 10:37:48
(Serious) AWD B13 Info needed. + Build Thread? + Status
I know, y’all hate this topic, but I must bring it up. I’m currently putting parts together for an AWD B13 build that I would like to complete. I have a reputable shop that is known for building Formula Drift cars that is taking on the work. I would like to arm them with as much information as possible. Currently this is what I have, so please correct me if I am wrong.

• Crossmember needs to be modified to fit GTiR Transmission
• Gas Tank/Suspension removed to make space for GTiR Rear Subframe
• Exhaust Piping will need to be re-routed due to driveshaft
• Tunnel may need to be made for driveshaft
• Struts / Calipers / Rotors on B13 are still compatible

I appreciate and thank all the people that can add your knowledge on this, so that the build can have as much momentum behind it as possible.

Since I know this is going to come up.
• Yes, I already have an AWD Turbo car. (’13 STi, bought it new actually)
• Yes, I can buy (GTiR, GTR, Other) and still have money to mod that.
• Why don’t you do XXXX instead? (Because I want to do this.)
• This is going to be expensive! (I don’t care)
• Finding parts will be hard AF. (Thank God this isn’t my daily)
• Why do you want to do this? (Because I can and always wanted to do it)
• I hate the idea of you doing this, you’re dumb. (Haters gonna hate,right?)


Although originally started out as a question thread, I'm going to also treat it as a build thread-ish? I'll update the progression of this vehicle. I can also provide a history of this car and why I kept it for such a long time.


**Current Status**
Car is at the body shop getting its beauty back.
Documentation has been put together and sent over to the shop. Shop was down to do the build.
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2018-10-13 10:28:43
I think you've nailed all the main parts. I'm not sure anyone around here has done it, so you'll not get much help here (which IMO is better than the armchair help you're getting on Facebook).
There may be small things like fuel filler neck issues, or trunk floor cutting involved. Again, I don't know, and I think you're just going to have to find out as you go along.

When you run into specific issues, don't hesitate to ask. We may have info for you then.

Good luck.

Keep us posted.
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2018-10-13 10:33:12
Personally, the compatible AWD setups for this chassis do nothing for me. With a bit of extra work, you could do a RWD setup which IMO would be miles better. I have to ask; is that an option?
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2018-10-14 22:57:53
You know, a fully legal GTi-R has to be MUCH cheaper than taking on this project. Is that an option?
2018-10-22 10:21:25
To answer all the questions. I was able to get a hold of some of the guys with information regarding swaps and gather as much knowledge as I was provided. RWD is nice, although pretty cool, like Aaron's RWD Sinister Sentra, but it isn't something i'm attracted too. I had the opportunity to buy a GTiR and I still do, but as much as a cool car it is, the allure of a B13 with an AWD sounds mythical and something I always wanted.

I will be updating this thread with info from time to time to keep the info in the forum instead of getting lost in the FB page.
2018-10-22 14:52:18
Props for knowing what you want. Thanks for contributing to the forum.
Let us know as you encounter hurdles and as you get over them.
2018-10-24 14:31:28
Please do a build thread on here.

As we get older as a community, more of us in general have a larger discretionary budget for toys. Toys are subjective.

The idea of a 4wd B13 is big fun. Pillage the entire aftermarket and Nissan parts bin, fab the rest.

What are your intentions and/or goals for the build?

2018-10-25 04:44:34
Definitely a cool project. Pretty sure there was a guy on here that did an awd nx2000 and Im sure it would be almost identical modifications to make it work.
2018-10-26 09:23:34
I’m in the process of all wheel driving my Nx as we speak actually, just got the subframe tacked into place in the rear end. There’s a couple things off the top of my head that you should take into consideration. For instance, you can user b13 struts, calipers, and so on, you will need splined rear hubs. There’s a couple ways to go about it, the gtir rear hubs, calipers and e-brake cables would be the easiest route. The gtir calipers themselves are the same as the b13/Nx, the torque members are WhTs different and actually positions the caliper incorrectly when you run a gtir hub with a b13 caliper & gtir torque plate. Tou’ll Need gtir components including e-brake cables as they wrap around the caliper instead of a direct line to the caliper.
Yes you will need to mod the subframe. It’s two sheets of 1/8 steel laminated for reinforcement, this is very important to make sure it’s done properly; this is basically make or break your front end. Hydraulic clutch will be necessary, depending on what clutch you use you may need to upgrade your pedal/slave cylinder to something with a little more oomf; I’m running a wilwood set up with a tilt on hydro bearing because I had the bellhousinf reinforced with the stracher inside aluminum plate that gets rid of your typical throw out bearing. As far as exhaust goes, I haven’t got that far but I’ve pondered a couple things. The diff properly installed to the subframe being centered is actually offset to the passenger side that runs the exhaust tunnel, oval exhaust pipping with a custom drive shaft (as gtir shaft isn’t perfect for proper dimensions length ways) should be plenty with proper exhaust hangers to keep it from fluctuating. Yes you will basically need to cut the entire spare tire compartment out. The subframe is narrower then the stock Nx frame rails which means you basically need to shrink the frame rails from left to right, two front mounts meet at the bend of the frame rails under the rear seats. Another thing I can’t stress enough is reinforcement, if you plan on stretching the limits of a Nissan manufactured vehicle it’s best you don’t skip any corners, for instance, I’m tying the rear subframe into a full 10pt roll cage. The rear wind would have to curl the vehicle around the rear wheels before it thinks about breaking off. Frame rails up front are sleeved with tube steel for engine mount bolt reinforment, solid dog bone front mount utilizing the stock gtir cross-bar. I have a ton of information on this, if your interested don’t be afraid to ask away. I’m at the point of installing my fuel cell and sheet metal in the rear end to make a new floor so if you have anything up to that point; holla for a dolla
2018-10-28 23:03:14
Hey All, Sorry for the late reply. To answer a few questions. I'll try to post as much information as I can once that phase is started on the car. It will be difficult to grab pics as the shop will be handling this, but i'm sure they will accommodate, since I will be spending some dollars with them. When the job is done, I will be able to post what the final bill was from a high end professional shop doing the work.

BenFenner - Thank you for the support!

Shawn B - Currently the idea is to have this thing AWD and put it in the low 300hp range. Not a ton of HP for some people, but I think it may be the safest bet for me in drivability and not breaking stuff on the street constantly. Car currently has a GTiR swap, so the numbers are very easily attainable.

MercerSX - I pulled a ton of information from the pinned AWD thread in the NX section. I PM'ed a few of the AWD guys and got some very informative answers. I can pass on the document I put together for the shop to you, but I cannot take credit for the work and images that it has.

B13_93 – Thank you for the info provided. I’ll add these to my on going notes.

Currently the status of the car is taken apart. The body shop is patching up all the holes, cutting out all the rust, changing all the rubber and a fresh coat of paint. Once the car is in my hands, it will be going to a local shop that has handled the swap and some parts restoration. I added a picture of my car in its current state.

*In the middle of a Restore*

The car was in very bad shape, unsafe and undrivable until 2 years ago. The shop that is going to do the AWD install is the same shop that brought this car back from the brink of a junk yard visit. The car has come a long way, I wish I had images of it before the shop touched it. Since I dont, here is after the GTiR engine swap and laundry list I wont be posting.

*Before Restore began*

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