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Thread: Koyo or Mishimoto

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2011-03-20 22:01:00
Koyo or Mishimoto
Does any one know off a good company that i can get pref a Koyo or Mishimoto radiator with twin pusher fans for my 92 se-r? jgy sells he koyo but i dont want to get screw
any help would be greatly appreciated..
2011-03-21 00:09:17
I bought my koyo here: Koyo Radiator - R-Series - JDM parts: Honda, Toyota, Nissan - Japanese aftermarket and performance car parts
2011-03-21 00:55:12
I like the mishimoto I feel that it mounts better than the koyo
2011-03-21 02:55:47

thanks and how you like it? can i run the stock fans? i was looking to replace them too..
2011-03-21 03:13:01
I would just get the mishimoto, pretty near same specs and usually over 100 bucks cheaper. You can find them for 200 shipped if you look around.
2011-03-21 03:35:27
I think the Mishimoto is a little thinner than the Koyo so it gives you more up front clearance.

MPV Motorsports is a vendor on the other forum. They give you a discount if you let them know you're from the forum. I think Mishimotos are 240.00 shipped.

I got a Spec clutch from them because they had the best price.
2011-03-21 03:51:17
The koyo is great. Im not sure about the stock fans, I have a turbo in the way haha. But with running the water lines through the turbo and boosting around I havent had any problems so far. Major upgrade compared to my old radiator, Im ready for the 110+ degree days!
2011-03-21 11:41:14
koyo is the best .
2011-03-21 12:40:22
Im talking I could have turbo water lines connected, 110+ degrees outside, and AC.... Still would have problems with 2 decent rad fans for when you get stuck at really long stoplights
2011-03-21 16:43:48
Never had a problem with my Mishi rad and pusher fans. Lifetime warranty makes the deal sound good, too.
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