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Thread: SR20 Powered Non nissans thread

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2015-05-27 20:13:39

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2015-05-27 20:20:13
Sorry Kyle, I guess you have to be at least signed into Facebook for that video to work.
I managed to find it on YouTube. Here yah go.

2015-05-28 02:09:40
OOOOO Thank you because I think that is pretty kewl.
2015-05-28 21:11:18
I know it's not a car and it's not a sr but I think it's sick rb powered boat

Engine Swap Depot | Boosting Performance Through Creative Surgery | Page 59
2015-05-29 00:13:25
Direct link: Nissan RB26/30 Powered Jet Boat
2015-09-24 21:57:05
2017-07-01 15:02:54
Another Nissan, but why not...


2018-01-26 13:24:33
Saw this one down under catching up on some Cleetus. Jump to 8:51 if the link doesn't take you there.

NOOB Left Hand Shifting! Got GAPPED By MightyCarMods Cresta!
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2018-01-27 18:13:52
LoL when he said the left blinker might need to be on for the whole pass. Couldn't believe he actually fit at 6'6" !
2018-10-15 10:34:11
Mini Moke with an SR20 and a Jeep style front grill? For the win! | Facebook
Link 2 | Facebook

Edit: Now with video.

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