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Thread: Sr20 VS K20 for new vehicle

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2013-05-17 22:41:06
Sr20 VS K20 for new vehicle
Hey guys,

I am a pretty long time member, who doesn't post or even read too frequently anymore as social life and work take up a majority of my time now-a-days, lol.

I am in the market for a new car, and I currently have a couple finalists. Please weigh in and be honest about what you guys think.

Goals for next vehicle purchase are:

- daily driveable
- All motor
- decent gas mileage for commute

Right now, the following are in the running for finalists:

- 2002 EP3 SI hatch with K20a2 and 6 speed trans swap (approx 65k on each). Documented swap, has previous body damage which has been repaired, but no frame damage.

- 1995 G20T. Stock, clean, 160K, maintanence records to boot. Would be planning a sr20ve + B15 SE trans swap.

- 2003 RSX-S. LOTTA miles. 179K. Good compression, some minor wear and tear due to age.

- 2004 Mini Cooper S. Low mileage (under 100K), great maintenance records. Clean overall, with some minor tears on the passenger front seat. Smaller car though as I am a pretty big guy @ 6'2" 205lbs. But totally fun to drive!!

- 2003 Maxima SE 6spd. Clean and well maintained, but 153K. Vq35 is a beast,and 6spd is a bonus. Nice people mover.

Also on the short list are 2000 Gt 5spd, and a higher mileage RSX-S (which would be my fave of the group, but needs new brakes/tires/valve adjustment to get it reliable). I found a local, relatively rust free b13 SE-R, but that does not equal a decent daily driver in my old age (32, lol).

Any input and ideas would be great. I am just out of a divorce, so I want something that will be fun but is still practical. If anyone has any reasonably priced cars for sale in the Denver area (or close by) please suggest those also. I suck @ making decisions, so now I am asking my forum brothers for help!

Thanks guys,

2013-05-18 02:11:36
I would go p10 or maxima. I like acuras, lol i work on them everyday and they are a super reliable car. But 4 doors and decent gas mileage are a win for a daily commuter for me. Good luck with whatever you choose tho.
2013-05-18 03:26:59
SI if your looking to make it faster.
Maxima if your more concerned about comfort and a really nice and usable power-band for daily driving.
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2013-05-18 04:07:06
2013-05-18 11:38:04
Get the ep3 and swap in a k24. Way more torque and power out of the box. My buddies ep with a k24 puts out 240hp with just an exhaust system and intake.
2013-05-20 21:50:02
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
Get the ep3 and swap in a k24. Way more torque and power out of the box. My buddies ep with a k24 puts out 240hp with just an exhaust system and intake.

The EP3 does have a rsx-s swap (k20a2) and 6 speed trans from an SI swap. It's a clean overall swap, and the car drives GREAT. But it did have some previous body damage, and is a world away (different state), so I don't know if I will go that route.

Also, the 6spd Maxima is gone! It was a nice car, and one of my finalists.

it's SOO hard trying to find a car. i would like a clean base, to make my own, but it's tempting to buy a car that is already done.

Thanks for the feedback all, i will keep you guys posted.
2013-05-20 22:43:12

That was easy.
2013-06-18 19:16:33
IMO P10 is too old, unless you find one thats beyond mint condition. Next id look for another maxima (beware of oil consuming motors). As much as I dont like honda/acura I think id finally say RSX. 4 doors is unneeded and the K will make more power from the start. Plus its alot newer.
2013-06-18 20:59:44
EP3 but probably not with the body damage, so RSX-S is my pick.

Mini Cooper S doesn't even meet your criteria for all motor.
2013-06-18 21:30:33
RSX for looks, P11 for convenience, should be pretty close in fuel mileage when stock and both have great options to make them go faster.
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