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Thread: Lookin for a truck, give me your ideas

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2012-02-14 22:57:46
my work truck is a 01 v6 ranger i drive all day its a great truck great ac...but i really like the frontier
2012-02-14 23:05:34
Originally Posted by Cliff
I will tell you what to do. Take your money and turn it into a down payment. Buy yourself that ecoboost V6 F-150 and get AMAZING gas mileage, and the power of a decent V8.

I know I am a little late but cliffs right on this one me and my boss were on YouTube watching this truck kill every thing
2012-02-15 00:27:58
Originally Posted by White
I know I am a little late but cliffs right on this one me and my boss were on YouTube watching this truck kill every thing

When have I EVER been wrong?! Cmon man you KNOWWWWW...
2012-02-15 04:44:26
It would look better towing the SR to the track with a Titan...lol
2012-02-16 15:51:49
I currently own a ford... I dont think im buying american unless its a Chevy/gmc but I dont want to spend this kind of money. They've all got there stupid problems, but the jdm trucks seem to not have problems at all? I dont know why but thats the general opinion im getting from everyone in the gas truck world.

I dont know. Im gonna keep researching and find out all the information I need to know, then make a move.
2012-02-16 16:00:39
Originally Posted by marksr20
Cliff: Tell me why not a Titan? Is it just the gas mileage? Or is there anything mechanically that tells u no?
I know MotoIQ used a Titan for their tow vehicle and hated every minute of it (over-heating being the main issue followed by economy IIRC). They have moved to a Tundra and are all smiles now.
2012-02-16 16:23:36
Mark as you kno, I have the tundra and I love it. The generation before mine used an iforce 4.6 v8 which is still an option today..so the motor has been around for awhile now. Like other people said you'll spend a little more but you won't mind driving it everyday and the resale value will always be there. O btw..bes is droppin that off at the shop this weekend
2012-02-19 04:01:19
titan all day...i've been looking for one with the right price, but im kinda wanting a 7.3powerstroke
2012-02-19 04:22:43
for what you need to do/tow just get a 96-98 GM k1500/k2500 and save a ton of $.

You, like me, will just have to accept that the build quality is not great but everything for those 350's costs like $30 and takes 20 minutes to fix.
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