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Thread: Clean a 95-96 MAF sensor

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2010-05-23 19:45:11
Clean a 95-96 MAF sensor
Lotsa info on the b13 and '00-'01 SR20DE mafs on here but i couldn't find any information on The 96-'99 ones, so i figured i'd contribute.

Little back story. Bought this car with 220k miles on it. It had a dramatic dip in power after 4000rpm, all the way to 5500rpm. Very annoying. The car would also die after firing it up, when it was warmed up ( in closed-loop operation ), unless i held my foot on the pedal.

I thought that this was due to the crank sensor being bad. Some people on the forum agreed. NOPE. Replaced that part, and did a *full* tuneup and the problem persisted. Did a compression check - 185psi across the board. So.... wtf?

I heard of many people cleaning the MAF and then having problems, so i was nervous about doing this. I ordered a spare for backup and figured i'd take this task on.

It was far easier than i thought. And my sensor wires were almost completely black!!!

Now the car has full power across the powerband, pulls like a beast compared to before i cleaned the MAF, and no longer dies when i start the car after it's been warmed up.

Ta da.. way to save yourself $200-$500 for a new sensor
2010-05-25 02:03:06
Nice how to I tried to take mine apart before, the bolts where stuck!
2010-05-25 19:08:55
Just did this to my car. Also regrounded the MAF wire to the Intake Manifold. Thanks for the idea!
2010-05-29 03:00:32
This has to be one of the best things I have done to increase the mileage and overall "smoothness" and/or "liveliness" of the engine.

I am very satisfied with the overall performance.
2010-05-29 03:27:46
Gas mileage went up? I might just do the same, it's a bit trickier on the E60's
2010-05-29 07:59:57
Viprdude: ditto. I've only had this car a few weeks and feared that the engine was toasted before i did this. Glad it worked for you too!

Yes, i have a scangauge and i watch my MPG here and there. It's reporting about 2-3mpg higher on some straightaways. I don't know why - i figured the engine would be running leaner. But my MAF had a really intermittent signal before, so i think the engine computer was going spastically rich/lean at all times.

My idle GPH ( gallons per hour ) dropped from 0.26-0.30 to a steady 0.27 after the car is warmed up at 190-200deg. Idle signal was even more intermittent.

Makes me wonder what other sensors are friggin' toasted on this car. Ha!
2010-05-29 08:01:10
Originally Posted by Vadim
Gas mileage went up? I might just do the same, it's a bit trickier on the E60's

Could be. I tried spraying the MAF elements directly, but i had to bust out the cotton swab. I'm not sure about your maf.
2010-09-13 02:22:59
Going to attempt this this weekend
2010-10-23 01:32:00
Worked great for me! Pulls hard to redline now.
2011-08-08 08:08:57
looks like ill be doing this tomorrow morning...
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