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Thread: I've searched.. QR25 swap in P11

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2018-12-19 21:03:49
I've searched.. QR25 swap in P11
now now now calm down.... Yes it is happening.. qr25 turbo engine and 6 speed trans in my 00 g20..

haven't done it before and apparently noone else has either, or there's no documentation.
I've put 6 speeds in b13, VE's in several different things, did a lotta customization to other things as well. So mechanically not afraid to tackle anything. Financially I do have a budget, so that's why I'm here.

I'm resourcing swap stuff now.. the obvious motor, trans, mounts, linkage, cross member, axles, wiring, blah blah blah.. I stopped by that shop "2j-Racing" and talked to Joe there. Very informative guy, knows everything! but honestly don't think he knows what I got going on. he's saying I basically need a whole car to swap everything. I don't doubt him, but I don't know.

the shifter assy and everything transmission wise is covered in threads. I'm only concerned about how that qr engine and trans will sit in there.. cross member, mount points, etc... I'm not afraid of fabrication.

Basically asking for help with identifying the differences between the K member subframe thing that the steering rack, rear crossmember, control arms bolt to.

Long stoory short, how similar is the k member between B15 and P11? I don't have them side by side to compare.. but my p11 is sitting waiting for this. and I need to source stuff soon.. like 2 days..

thanks. If I don't get back on to respond, it's cuz I'm trapped under the car sleeping. I'll be back.


2018-12-19 21:39:43
Didn't that dude from 2J shit all over an SR20 on B15U forums??

I will end positively with, "good luck."
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2018-12-20 02:45:20
Why a qr man? Id rather see you do a honda k series swap lol
2018-12-20 07:52:31
I'm okay with this. It's not nearly as bad (not even close) as the "sinister Sentra" twin turbo LS swapped, rwd B13. All that cash pissed away and the car runs 10's, lol!

Good luck with the swap!
2018-12-24 09:17:22
Cool story bro.
2019-01-03 09:33:19
I'm local, pm sent
2019-01-07 23:51:07
Good luck man. I saw a vid of a built QR25 turbo in a B13 making 700+ hp.

The QR is not the most loved engine but there are tons of them in the junkyards right now which is a plus.
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