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Thread: anyone running e85? here are my experiences

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2008-08-05 10:52:14
anyone running e85? here are my experiences
so got a mates car tuned with some e85 on his drift car. now this guy is no stranger to power, he previously had a 2871r 56 trim .64 on his s15 and made 320hp on what would be your mustang dyno, therefore corrected is (320 x 1.1= 352 roughly for a dynojet) now he didnt mind the response of this setup but the car never really scared him.

now for his 240sx i sold him my old t518z (very similar to the 2871 52 trim .64 in power and spool, but always makes a lot more torque 600nm is not uncommon, its a td06 18g mitzi turbo base that has been modified by trust/greedy specifically for the sr20 engine. still bush bearing) as i am going bigger, i told him get it tuned for e85 heard good things about this fuel

anyway at the shop the 650cc deatchworks hit 100% duty cycle with this fuel at 4800 rpm and 320hp or 352 dynojet corrected.

so to get the guy ready for the drift comp, i sold him my 880cc blitz injectors, with deep regret, and now he is running 60% duty cycle...dont know if the deatchworks where falty, or just didnt flow upto scratch, the flow charts said they where ok though, and they where new. I just hope my 850cc sards that i bought as a replacement are up to the task

he ended up making 338 hp at 18psi (or 372hp dynojet) which is amazing for this turbo with no cams!!! in fact its an amazing figure with cams even with a couple more psi

so what makes this fuel so good?

we had it on the dyno, now normally on a det running pump we dont like to go over around 12 deg advance at the cas, but then fine tune the timing throughout the map and add advance where needed.


another thing that is great, is its nearly impossible to make it ping! it will actually start loosing power before it starts to ping!

this fuel has the characteristics of methanol!

now this is in the words of my mate.....the car actually scares me, its a freaken animal compared to my s15.

now i know he did change turbo as well, and the 518z has has a lot more torque normally and i prefer in it in every way besides longevity, bb will always last longer, but still great fuel non the less


Pro's of the fuel:

much lighter than petroleum
can run ridiculous amounts of timing advance
harder to make ping
more power and more responsive when tuned right
cheaper to buy

CON'S of the fuel:
have to get it tuned to suit
uses around 30% more
its recommended that you upgrade your rubber hoses in ya fuel system


it might be a good idea to get jwt to make a tune for it

now i have heard that the ve's loooove timing........so e85, autronic smc, and bb50 trim should be a good mix?
2008-08-05 12:03:45
i want to make the switch myself. but how do you make the narrrow band o2 sensor work with e 85? or do you turn off open loop?
2008-08-05 12:26:00
I'm in the process, when I get my car done I'll be running E85. I had to get some 850cc to support 450ish whp. plus I'm running High Compression with a SC61!

how much fuel pressure are you running?? the numbers look right if your running 3 bar.
2008-08-05 12:35:35
I will be running E85 next summer, want to do some testing this winter on it. I want to replace a few lines in the fuel tank with E-85 safe stuff. We will see how it goes!

2008-08-05 12:39:41
Cheaper if you can FIND it. You can't even buy e85 in my area, at all. I feel sorry for all of those owners with flex fuel vehicles here that thought they were getting a bargain.
2008-08-05 13:04:25
^^^ we have about 8 stations in my area
2008-08-05 13:26:44
Most of the Kroger Grocery Stores through the midwest have an e-85 pump/

2008-08-05 14:33:17
Read post #20 of this thread so you are informed:

2008-08-05 14:40:54
e85 great alternative to the 12.00 a gallon race fuel..but you have to have some type of ecent tuning system,bigger fuel injectors,larger fuel lines..then tune for the fuel....i just havent deemed the upgrade of all those component parts valid for my setup...other ppl have had good results
2008-08-05 14:45:54
What is special about that post, nothing he said is new. The injector o-rings, fuel lines in the tank/engine bay and the O-ring Bosses on the fuel rail are the only rubber parts. Everything in my car is aluminum except the fuel lines running back to the tank and the tank itself. But the amount of time it will take corrode the steel doesn't concern me really as it won't sit with e-85 in, it will sit with gas in it for winter storage.

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