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Thread: Let's talk Gauges.... (Now with EGT theory)

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2008-11-03 04:36:48
Let's talk Gauges.... (Now with EGT theory)
Just wondering, what do you guys have as far as gauges? I'm ruling out basics like oil pressure,boost, and wideband(thanks eric), those are almost required. What else do we have out there?
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2008-11-03 04:37:30
2008-11-03 04:49:52
Coolant temp, oil temp, EGT gauges...
2008-11-03 05:00:50
never understood using a EGT, anyone care to explain?
2008-11-03 05:04:42
Lets you know how hot your exhaust gases are. Usually best to have one before the turbo and after. If the temps are too high then you are too lean. If you have enough money then one per cylinder would be awesome and then one after the turbo.
2008-11-03 05:10:59
oh good point didn't think about the lean thing haha wouldn't having a wideband be good enough though?
2008-11-03 05:13:25
You can still have an issue in one cyclinder and not know about it. I dont run egt gauges but they can be very helpful from what I hear.
2008-11-03 05:21:28
yeah i guess thats true
2008-11-03 05:35:18
Someone else can probably explain it a bit better.
2008-11-03 16:17:19
The egt tells you basically the same thing as a wideband but in a different form. Technically you could tune your car off of egt readings if you had one for each cylinder. I have seen alot of people tap the egt into the runner for cylinder 3 as that is the cylinder that leans out usually. The egt should be in a certain range depending on how rich or lean the car is (i dont know the exact numbers) but if you are at WOT and you see your egt start to creep up it may give you warning before your wideband depending on the location and number of sensors.
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