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Thread: Wilwood caliper squeak/creak? Fix?

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2014-06-08 13:42:53
Wilwood caliper squeak/creak? Fix?
This question is for the guys running the Wilwood 4-piston Dyna-Lite calipers. How do you fix the squeak/creak sound coming from the calipers when pressing on the brakes?

The 11" Fastbrakes kit I currently have on my B13 LE is the second kit I've had, but the first kit to squeak/creak. I've had this kit installed for about 1.5 years now. My old Fastbrakes 11" kit on my old 93 NX2000 never made any noise and used that kit for about 3 years before I sold the car back in 06.

Currently I am using the Wilwood BP-10 pads, and the front right pads are starting to squeal also when braking under light pressure. I can swap in the Wilwood Poly-Q pads and the squeal goes away, but the caliper squeak/creak is still there. The BP-10 pads still have about 6mm of friction material left. The Poly-Qs are my track day pads and have about 6-7mm left.

The squeak/creak noise can be replicated even sitting still and pressing the brakes.
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2014-06-08 14:36:15
Squeak can be the brake pads moving in the calipers
Creaking can be the pistons moving in the calipers

If you have not already, pull the pads and clean in up and retry. I have only had this problem on the Wilwood 6-piston calipers and just lived with it as the engine covered up the noise.
2014-06-08 18:30:42
This is a typical issue with the Dynalites (mine did the same as well). Depending on which version you have (forged vs billet) the issue can be slightly different. There is not much you can do about it as it's in the nature. There are no seals or such in the calipers (it uses Stainless Steel Pistons, so no seals are required). Brian from Goodwin racing (Big Miata boys) quoted me this when I approached it of the issue (I ended up just upgrading to MUCH bigger Superlites).

The more recent forged version of the caliper is pretty stiff, significantly more than the old billet cut version of the same caliper that we started with. The stiffer caliper has this effect even MORE than the less stiff older billet cut version. It seems the old billet version we started with years ago flexed with the system rather than less than the rest of the system and it is the contrast in "relative" lack of flex from the newer version of the caliper and more flex in the system that is causing more noise (rest of the system includes such items as the caliper bosses, mount brackets, bolts, hubs, wheel bearings, etc).

Anyway, usually two sounds. The first results from this flex in the system and that is simply the pistons moving a little across the back of the pads. Note that I often found the sounds were most frequent with the start of a new set of pads and then would go away after an aggressive track day (get them super hot and the pad backs would temporarily fuse to the pistons). The sound would come back just about the time the pads wore out and they were increasingly free to move around again.

The second sound occurs because this is a race caliper and the pads do not have the "M" springs to hold them in perfect alignment against the two pistons per side (a compromise to enable super fast pad change). Thus, unless fused to the pistons as in the example above, the pads can move around a little bit until the pistons slam into them when you apply the brakes. Thus, you may hear a slight "click" as the pistons force them back into alignment on the rotor.
2014-06-08 23:35:44
OK. I will take out the pads and clean them up, maybe scuff the pads to remove any possible glaze (for the squealing), and loosen and re-torque the mounting bolts.

Is there any required service that needs to be performed on the calipers or just replace them if serious issues arise?
2014-06-09 11:35:32
Its the caliper body flexing, there's not much can be done.
2014-06-12 16:30:47
this also i've noticed after a lot of tapered pad wear, i flip my pads around so that the thicker less tapered side is towards the front.
this generally helps for a little while..
2014-06-28 13:12:56
re torque the bolts that hold the caliper together to proper spec.
2014-07-04 22:04:25
I've used high temp copper silicone (the orange stuff) to get rid of the noise. put it between the pad and the piston, let it dry overnight, it will be good for a summer.
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