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Thread: Other B13 Rally car Build

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2013-04-02 04:25:33
Engine is done , tranny is in and ready to go on the car

2014-02-27 03:46:07
Hi guys , I know is bent a wild but finally I got some time to post.
After installing this engine, I ask a friend of mind to tune it , he claim that he will but won't be responsible as he had a bad feeling about the block.
After insisting he did tune the car and I went out to Empired Sate Rally 2013 ( I know is almost a year ago ).
At the event I have the bad luck of blowing apart the Dizzy on day 1, after some search we found one and were back for day 2 with not much luck , yes we blew the engine on day 2 .
After back from the event and after taking the engine apart we found out bearin parts , a farther search as I try to rebuild again for STPR 2013 the machine shop told me that me that cylinder 2-4 they were over size !!!!!!.
This are some pics late I know from ESR 2013

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2014-02-27 03:51:41
One more , here is the end

2014-02-27 04:00:10
Well so after I found out the the engine I had build witch I try to rebuild it was JUNK , I took a trip to NJ and purchase a newer VE , trying to get the car ready for STPR 2013 only 3 weeks away .
I don't have pictures from the new build so ill FF to the event .
Build went well car was tune and car was ready for STPR

Car and van ready to go

Some were in PA

2014-02-27 04:04:43
Reque day I met KB

After doing Reque I got to see some of the competition

2014-02-27 04:11:13
Event went well overall , car back in one pice , engine perfome fine we finish 5 on day one reginal , we blow front right tire stage 4 or 5 I think 8 miles in out of 15 mile stage .
Day 2 reginal went with out a problem finishing 2 overall in class .

2014-02-27 04:17:55
I still need to come down and check out your car. but very nice job!
2014-02-27 04:35:48
So after STPR I big project that didn't involved Rally was starting for my Family and i , a Restaurant build .
That is the reason why I bent away for so long.
Event so I have no time it all , went I say no time it all I'm saying not it all after working 90+ hrs per week , I found my self dreaming and bringing to reality my next build , just so we are clear went I do have time to work on the car I get to work no more then 2 hr per week but is getting done lol , can't promise went my next event is and not sure if 2014 will be one or not , but here you go some pictures

Not final but I made the top radiator support removel for easyer radiator removel and acces to the turbo.
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2014-02-27 04:41:45
Some more

2014-02-27 04:43:26
I'll post some more this week guys good night
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