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Thread: Girdle removal

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2008-12-23 10:59:29
Girdle removal
Is it just as simple as removing the girdle, then replacing the bolts with Roller Rocker bolts?

I tried researching but nobody has really written about this topic. Just the opposite of putting a girdle on a non girdle motor.
2008-12-23 14:46:17
isn't the main caps different too??
2008-12-23 20:21:50
I'm not sure. I've never looked at the main caps of a RR motor. Andreas Miko talks about the main caps being ready for a girdle in the non girdle motors, and that you don't have to switch caps when you put a girdle on a non girdle motor. By this I"m guessing they are the same design just using shorter bolts.
2008-12-24 03:24:46
To remove the girdle....

Remove both lower and upper oil pans
Remove the oil pick up tube
Remove the main bolts and remove girdle.

Leave the main caps in place and do not disturb them.
Install RR or VE main cap bolts and TQ to spec

Personally, I use this opportunity to install a VE oil pan and windage tray because it is better in many ways than a DE pan.

Everything is straight forward if you have all the right parts. You do not have to install the VE oil pan and windage tray if you do not have one. the DE one will fit just fine.

2008-12-24 04:09:10
^^ nice to know! what if i wanted to keep the girdle, will the VE pans clear it with out mods?
2008-12-24 04:17:38
Originally Posted by Keo
^^ nice to know! what if i wanted to keep the girdle, will the VE pans clear it with out mods?

No they will not.
2008-12-24 04:53:06
you will need to remove the windage tray, and cut some of the material out of the oil pan to clear the girdle.
2008-12-24 06:41:15
Thanks for the answers guys. Now the question is are the RR DE, and VE oil pans the same.

Andreas answered this one in an old thread. RR DE, SR20VE oil pans are the same.
2008-12-24 15:11:47
The oil pans are INTERCHANGEABLE but they are slightly different from each other. This also depends on the year and varriant of the motor. I have seen 3 different SR20VE oil pans alone, and one of them does not even have a windage tray. I Believe the RR oil pan and the later VE ones are the same, but the DE does not have a windage tray because they run the girdle.

2008-12-24 15:24:46
^^Good to know. Thanks.
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