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Thread: 14point7 Wideband Controllers with Native USB Connectivity

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2011-01-31 00:12:27
Alan sent me a unit to test with last week, I am just waiting on it to arrive.

I should be able to have full support for the direct USB logging this week!
2011-01-31 00:47:40
That's awesome news! I had been copied in on several emails, and was eager to hear more news!

Thanks for your hard work on getting this really useful product to work with your really useful product!
2011-02-03 00:11:45
I got it working with a test program tonight so expect this to be in the next release of the NismoTronic program.

The wideband setup is definitely pretty slick and super simple to install.
2011-02-03 00:24:30
I'd like to get one of these later on this year, what would shipping look like to Guam 96929? Thanks.
2011-02-03 02:41:42
Glad you guys hooked up. This will make both products that much better and a great option for the community.

Although I did decide to go standalone, and your wideband should work well with it as well.
2011-02-03 02:47:45
YESSS, this is the wideband I will eventually purchase and I also want to eventually try Nismotronic. Win, win.
2011-02-03 02:51:48
JKTUNING - Thanks for the kind words - Also I appreciate the work you and Dave have put in trying to get it set up and working with your products.

MATTB - Will PM you. Price would be the same as if I were mailing across the street, I'll be using USPS Priority Mail.

nsusammyeb - Dude, thank you very much for the suggestion. Let me know when you'd like to go about getting one!
2011-02-09 04:50:16
Due to some upcoming additions to the 14point7 product line, I am not going to be able to resupply with more wideband controllers for at least another month.

I have 4 units remaining - don't miss out on one of these bad boys while they are still in stock guys!
2011-02-26 21:37:40
Hey guys -

Just a heads up that I only have one unit remaining, for the foreseeable future. In case anyone was thinking of making a purchase, this would be the time to buy!

2011-02-26 21:47:33
PM sent regarding last unit available...
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