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Thread: 14point7 Wideband Controllers with Native USB Connectivity

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2010-07-24 13:18:26
14point7 Wideband Controllers with Native USB Connectivity
Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage is proud to announce we are now offering 14point7's new SLC Pure Plus Wideband O2 controller system. This unit is easily the most complete, innovative, and well manufactured Lambda kit that is available for the sports car enthusiast, racing fanatic, or experienced tuner.

SLC Pure Plus is a complete Plug and Play Wideband Controller capable of 0.01 Lambda accuracy without the need for constant and complicated "free air calibration".

The SLC Pure Plus Controllers is the only wideband system on the market utilizing programmable switch capacitor and programmable logic technology. Such advanced technologies allow for high accuracy and fast response times in an efficient integrated design. It is also a Native USB wideband system, offering flexible compatibility with all the newest in netbook technology.

Even when compared to its competition, the SLC Pure Plus stands out with an array of features:

Add to this 14point7's well earned reputation for extremely high quality Do-It-Yourself wideband units, as well as their 1 year warranty, as well as a dedicated technical support forum, and it's really easy to see why you should decide on a SLC Pure Plus Wideband Controller for your next project.

All SLC Pure Plus Kits include
- SLC Pure Plus Lambda Controller
- 8ft oxygen sensor harness
- Bosch 17014 Oxygen Sensor (Not Pictured)
- 3ft power cable
- 3ft auxiliary cable
- 2x fuse holders
- 2x 250ma fuse (replacement included)
- 2x 5A fuse (replacement included)
- 3ft USB cable
- Software CD
- Quick start guide

The price for the entire kit shipped anywhere in the continental US is normally 218.90.

As a special to ALL sr20-forum members, I am offering free shipping! This means your price is 209.99!
if you're in the market for a complete Wideband solution at a reasonable price, I am sure you'll be happy with the SLC Pure Plus Controller.

Remember, this is a complete kit - all you need is a welder and a standard O2 bung!

A well respected member of the Z31 performance community will be performing a installation and user experience writeup with photo documentation. I'll be glad to post his experiences once he has completed his install and gotten a feel for how well it does work.

Look for our ad in September 1st issue of Nissan Sport magazine!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
-Zachary Ard
Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage
Maurice, Louisiana
2010-07-24 17:59:26
Interesting do you know if this could be used in conjunction with a Calum RTV2 for datalogging?
2010-07-24 19:10:14
Right now, I am working with the guys at Nistune to make this a supported product. Unfortunately, I am only vaguely familiar with the Calum ECU setups, but I'd like to get you an answer to that question.

If someone could get me contact info for Calum, I'd be glad to see about verifying if this product would work with his products. His website doesn't seem to be functioning correctly, as I can't click to get contact information.

*Edit* Reading the vendor forum, I see Calum is pretty much MIA. So no, I don't know that I'll be able to get you a definite answer. I don't see why it wouldn't though.

Hope that helps!
2010-07-25 11:58:20
Guys, I'd also be willing the lower the price even further for the first person from this forum to purchase a unit, provided they were kind enough to post a writeup on their installation and user experience afterwards.

2010-07-25 17:30:08
No need for a welder anymore, just a drill bit haha AEM makes a 02 band to slide over exhaust pipes with a 02 bung attached to them
2010-07-25 17:39:59
Although true, in my experience, 90% of folks will opt to get a 5 dollar bung and pay 30 bucks to get it welded in.
2010-07-28 15:17:20
As many of you are aware, our 14point7 wideband controllers come with a full 1 year warranty for repair or replacement through the manufacturer. This warranty is far longer than the typical 3-6 month warranties offered by competing brands and products.

As a way to further spread the message about just how well designed and well built the SLC Pure Plus is,
14point7 is offering a full 6 month extension on the warranty of its controller product through its"Give 10" promotion!

Basically, all you have to do is this. Give us 10 minutes of your time to write out and post a 200-word review of the 14point7 SLC Pure Plus, and post it on ANY AUTOMOTIVE FORUM. (Doesn't have to be here, although it would be a great benefit to the community if you did!). Once you've posted it, email the review, a link to the forum it's posted on, and your name to [email]TOALAN@14POINT7.COM[/email], and you'll be eligible for your 6 month warranty extension. Be sure to mention that you purchased the wideband from the Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage if you indeed do so.

By participating, you will then have an unheard-of 18 month warranty on your wideband controller!!*

We at Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage, as well as 14point7, are absolutely proud to stand behind this product, and believe the best way to prove this is to offer the industry's leading warranty program. If you decide to purchase a SLC Pure Plus wideband controller, please take the opportunity to participate in letting everyone know how you feel about your experience.

Also, we received a large shipment of units from the manufacturer on Friday.
I shipped several orders out this weekend, but I still have a few units on hand, ready for immediate shipment.

Thanks a bunch!

*Warranty does not cover Bosch O2 sensor
2010-07-29 20:21:55
thats awesome that you guys are workin with nistune, i've been havin problems with my zeitronix as far as getting it to work in nistune, prolly cause the stupid usb to serial adapter... i will be sure to mention you guys to anyone i know thats gettin a nistune ecu
2010-07-29 21:42:40
Thanks a bunch! Hopefully we will be Nistune approved within the next month or so. (The developer, Matt, is in the middle of moving into new headquarters, so theres a bit of a delay.)

USB to serial adapters can be a real problem with compatibility.
2010-07-29 22:45:10
I was looking at buying one of these in the next couple weeks.

I'm getting the DIY version because I like the black box better and I'm cheap.
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