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Thread: Hotel Information

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2011-07-31 17:09:09
We only ended up with 10 rooms booked, so it is going to cost us $140 for the hospitality room, which we will have all day Friday.

UPDATE : per Mark we actually have more like 24-25 rooms for the weekend, we only had the low count on Thursday. He is going to follow up in the morning so we may get the Hospitality room comped after all.
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2011-07-31 17:19:39
Really? Only ten rooms were booked? Dang.

What the crap, people?
2011-07-31 17:55:14
^yup was thinking the same. So about 40 people
2011-07-31 18:07:32
Maybe more like 50-60 in the hotel, plus don't forget about all the locals who wouldn't need a room. I'm thinking we'll see more like 80-100 peeps on Friday night.
2011-07-31 18:10:36
True, I have forgotten that this is in the state of Connecticut. Thanks for reminding me, Joe. I can go breathe a sigh of relief now.
2011-07-31 20:12:18
i was lazy and didnt get a room i will just stay up all night as usual in the shop.. i got crap to do on my car anyway
2011-07-31 22:32:20
This convention will not be at the shop other than for who is getting dyno'd on friday. The shop will be closed as everytime we have a meet it turns into something it isnt planned to be for us. This is not a meet, this is a convention: It is and has always been at the hotel the first night! It is a great place for everyone to settle in and relax/meet&greet on friday, Not the SHOP!

If you would like to have your car dyno'd I can put you on the list. Tuning and base runs will be available at a discounted rate.

Everyone Please go to the hotel as your first stop and check in. We will have a packet there for you with an itinerary for the weekend. This will include all of the events for the weekend, directions to all of these places from the hotel, car wash locations and local restaurants!

I want everyone to know: There is a bar/restaurant in the hotel, The parking lots can be seen from your rooms in the front and back of the hotel(so park according to your room).

The schedule of events is on the main page of this section of the forum..
2011-07-31 23:18:02
We also have the hospitality room Friday all day long as an initial check in point. Probobly put up a white board for signing in so you can see who has arrived.

Like our front seven says "Meet me there or beat me there!"
2011-08-01 14:24:00
UPDATE: For everyone who didnt reserve there rooms yet. DO NOT CALL THE MAIN LINE, PM me or email [email]marksr20ser@yahoo.com[/email], Leave a contact number and i will call you with all the information. This is good until wednesday at 6pm. If you dont make that cutoff then I cant get you the discounted rate. Rooms are filling up fast because there is also a wedding this weekend at the hotel.
2011-08-02 04:33:28
better work on your at the hotel parking lot like we do every year!
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