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    NA is ALL turbo lag.
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    Default http://14point7.com/ anyone used their Spartan Lambda Sensor?

    These seems a good cheap option to wire into the Nemu for full time wideband.

    Any thoughts?

    Need to scroll down the web page, its a fairly basic page, but they seem to have some good products.
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    Looks like the equivalent of the LC-1 for a little less. The LC-1 does have the ability to use other fuels / different stoich like E85, natural gas whatever, this seems only setup for gasoline @14.7. LC-1 does also have serial data, so depends what you want to use it for. For a permanent install with NEMU it would be good for the price.

    Not sure what sensor they use though, they don't specify the Bosch, looking down the page at some other sensors for sale, they seem of the Prosport genre so I would want to know the quality of the sensor first.

    When u factor in shipping and a known brand and sensor quality of Innovate, the LC-1 might still come out on top.



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