If I could post my timing map do any of you think you could give me some pointers? I've always used a map I got from somewhere, and the only changes I've done were made from top to bottom. As in +1 degree to the ENTIRE map. I had this map setup so that if I went up 1 more degree it'd melt plugs, which I've done ALOT over the years. Yesterday I thought to myself, maybe I should only adjust PART of the map instead of the whole thing. I decided I'd only change up to 6k rpms, and leave the top the same. I was able to advance everything under 6k 2 degrees and had no problems melting plugs. Made 4 passes in a row at the dragstrip with it that way, pulling a 1.65 60ft. I'm about to go up on the nitrous, but if I can make any changes to the timing to potentially make more power, I'm all for it.