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    Default P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor

    Hello everyone. I apologize in advance for bothering you and appreciate your time. After recently getting my 99 Sentra SE-L up and running from being in hibernation for about a year (dead battery) I had a check engine come up. After getting it read at AutoZone they said that it was a P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor error. Has anyone experienced this? Any tips on resolution?

    Currently the car runs but very poor and sluggish acceleration as well as the engine does seem to shake.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Need to know the following:

    1) What (if any) are the aftermarket modifications

    2) Does this motor have the original cams/has anyone messed with the valve train

    3) If you have cams (JWT/Tomei, etc) who installed them

    3) Take a picture of your distributor so we can see around where your ignition timing is set at

    4) If you didn't already do, I'd pull the actual codes from the ECU by pulling it out and turning the screw on it. The actual codes will flash in short and long intervals via the "Service Engine Soon" light on your dashboard.

    If this car had a cam swap, I suspect the cam timing is off, one of the cam bearing caps was not properly torqued down, or a rocker/shim is bent/off center, being that it runs sluggish
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