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    Default Meter and Gauges needle type, question about the lamps used for illumination

    Hey, I have a slight problem with my B13. Tomorrow I will buy a wheel bearing because the one that I have is making noise. But, the illumination of my r.p.m. meter is working and the illumination of my speedo isn't working. I've used led type lamps and want to convert back to regular lamps because those led lamps seem to be not reliable. However I can't remember which lamp type I need to buy and I really don't want to remove the dash clock and then get the lamps I need, I really hope to buy the required lamps beforehand.

    Here is the dash unit I'm talking about, it is located on pdf FSM part II, page 1072 and that is EL-110 in paper FSM part two or three.

    I've noticed that there is only one lamp shown there that is saying 'METER ILLUMINATION', while I was expecting at least two of those. Now that I want to replace the working led type lamp too, I need at least two lamps. Or does someone know on top of his head, it are three lamps?

    My question is,
    which type lamp that would be. I am sure it must be 'T10' or 'T5', but I don't remember and I really couldn't find that in FSM, so I hope someone can confirm which type this would be.

    Here is a T10 lamp;

    Here is a T5 lamp;

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    Any dash gurus know? I haven't dealt with this in my travels...



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