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    Default HOW TO: Change your coolant temperature switches

    NOTE: I am the original writer of this writeup, so I have the rights to transfer information to this forum.

    I've noticed many questions being asked about rough idle, or rich a/f mixtures and decided to do a writeup on how to replace your coolant temperature switches.


    Items required for work:

    10mm, 12mm (deep and shallow), 17mm, 19mm sockets w/ 3/8" drive socket and medium extension bar
    a 19mm pivoting wratchet wrench or a 19mm stubby
    wire crimper and female spade connector
    side cutters
    teflon tape
    magnetic parts tray
    Nissan UDSM part numbers 22630-51E02 or 22630-51E00 (Coolant temperature sensor 2 wire b13) and 25080-89907 (1 wire spade connector sensor).
    *NOTE*: The b13 connector is red, the b14 is blue, get the part # 22630-99B10.

    *EXTRA IMPORTANT NOTE, I have just been to nissan, and it would seem that they catalogued the blue head sensor part # 22630-51E02 IS blue topped, so dont worry about it.

    Step one: Remove bracket contaning wire harnesses as seen here:

    The top nut is 12mm, the bottom is 10mm.

    Then, you may push the harness to the side. no need to remove the wires.

    Step two: bend a/c out of the way if you have it, and remove harnesses attached to both coolant temperature sensors. *NOTE*: The 2 wired sensor has a metal clip around it. Remove this clip first carefully. Also note that if you remove the spade connector incorrectly as I did, you will use that crimper and female spade connector. :tongue:

    Step three: take side cutters and remove zip tie on bottom of intake manifold. This will allow just enough space to get our sockets in place. :biggthump

    Step four: using a deep 12mm socket, remove the single pronged spade sensor from its housing. It should come off easily. *NOTE* Two things. First: the wire attached to it is yellow and green. Second: it feels like there is pressure behind it intially. Dont' worry, this will only spurt a drop or two of coolant. Just make darn sure that you have the engine cold so that there isnt' any pressure and you'll be ok.

    Step five: use the 19mm pivoting wratchet or stubby wrench to get into the brutally tight space as seen here:

    You should be able to turn it out. There isn't much torque on these given their location, so don't worry if it doesn't seat on the sensor 100%. Once you remove it, make sure you take off the copper crush washer and not accidentally drop it. As before, don't worry about pressure of the coolant, if you're on level ground and the engine is cold, it will not overflow as seen in this picture:

    Then, on your new sensors, put teflon tape on the threads, *dont forget about the copper crush washer on the 2 wired sensor* and reinstall, 2 wired one first, 1 wired one 2nd.

    And you're done! Not quite a PITA job like many say, just take your time and you should be fine.

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    Cool. THanks for posting this. I need to get to this on my car.



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