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    Default Check Engine Light

    Guys I have a 2002 P11 that has a 112K. The check engine light recently came on for the first time since owning the car.

    This is the weird thing for the last couple of weeks the outside temps have been rising and falling (have to love Spring). When its cold outside the light goes off and when it warms up outside it comes back on. This has happened now about 3 times. The car is getting great gas milage so I don't think it the common P11 problem with the O2 sensors. I was thinking that it could probably be the intake temp sendor.

    What do you guys think. I came on here for quick help hoping someone has had this problem. I am sure I can figure it out but, with my schedule lately I have very little time to mess around with it.

    1992 Turbo SE-R

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    no access to a code scanner?
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    Mine bin on ever since i bought the car i scanned it and it came up as MAP sensor ,went to the dealer to "ASK" about it the was told there are 2 of em , one in the engine bay ($305) and the other sits behind the rear driver side rear wheel ($185) geeesh!!!
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    My b13 has done that with bouncing temps from day to day a time or two but the CEL light never stays on. Just pops on when temps plunge between driving or soar. Stays on. Until under hood temps hit normal. But it's rarely happened since I owned my car.(6yrs)



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