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    Quote Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R View Post
    You left out a few key points, for your own reasons I'm assuming.

    One being the additional time needed to convert to speed density using the MAF 5v reference as opposed to the break-out box which we've found be be faulty.

    Or the removal of the Consult wiring at the ECU to remedy the datalogger communication issues, as recommended by John Kerr.

    The financing for the travel was never the issue, more of a time/materials on hand issue traveling to a farm in LA with new-found remedies to your issues on hand.
    None of which matter, not one whit. The only thing that matters is what is your word worth to you?

    Quote Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R View Post
    What did it for me with continuing communication was in our last conversation. A conversation where you wished DEATH on an individual mentioned earlier in this post. Not as a joke but a detailed description along with a history lesson on your "violent" past. I now understand the notion "Deeply Disturbed in Louisiana".

    Regardless of the circumstances, that is something I can't stomach. My respect for you went right out the window at that point. No lost sleep on this end.

    Good luck to you and the rest on this board.
    The guy that you haven't spoken to in months, are not associated with, not in business with? The one still operating a business under the name Marsh Tuning? The one that we were both cussing at and about during that conversation. That miserable fuck can die in a fire and I'd laugh.

    You're grasping at straws to attempt to justify your behavior.

    My respect for you vanished at the same time you led me along, then flat-out broke your word Jamie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wifey
    You are a verbal mercenary, honey.
    Deeply disturbed in Louisiana.

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    I was hoping this whole thing got sorted out after so many years, sad to see that you can't enjoy driving your car the way it should be driven, Shawn.
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