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  1. Meter and Gauges needle type, question about the lamps used for illumination
  2. Gauge cluster inop and blowing fuses
  3. KYB AGX part Number?
  4. Crank no start after VE swap
  5. SE-R on The Smoking Tire!
  6. 92 B13 SER no start
  7. Clean SE-R's b13 is back!
  8. 15x7 Wheels
  9. 92 SER Turbo in Richmond Dealer
  10. CSK, front housing in rear, too short?
  11. Nissan (finally) ends B13 production after 25 years...
  12. Rear Wheel Studs
  13. Blipshift B13 SE-R SleEpeR Shirt
  14. Radiator fans not turning on
  15. Tie rod ranked out while driving
  16. Passenger side axel doesn't fit after engine swap
  17. 4x100 Nissan wheels to fit over AD22VF
  18. Squealing in neutral
  19. B13s vs Modern Crash Standard
  20. What are yearly production numbers? Rarity of configuration?
  21. Need to check rod bearings, what all has to come off?
  22. Radiator Options
  23. 1993 SE-R Project
  24. Seat Brackets
  25. RS5F32V front mount question
  26. Rear control arms
  27. For those of you who have a fsm
  28. Help! Tank replaced, alternate Nissan fuel pumps?
  29. B13 Body Panels
  30. What did this connector go to?
  31. Just saying hello...
  32. Autoweek Junkyard Treasures: 1991 Sentra SE-R
  33. High port injector dropping resistor, eliminate for low port swap?
  34. Alternate headlight assemblies?
  35. Power steering delete, idler pulley options?
  36. Koni part#
  37. Heavy doors
  38. looking for 1991 Sunny vin for parts reference
  39. Stalls at idle until driven a while
  40. Low port distributor on high port harness
  41. Fuel leak
  42. Need help getting rear spindles B13 SER / NX2000
  43. Fuel pump interchange?
  44. Inner tie rod locking plate replacement
  45. Questions about overheating and head gaskets.....
  46. B13 manual steering rack, donor options? (Or just loop it?)
  47. diffrent seats
  48. B14/B15 Front Strut Tower Brace on a B13?
  49. Where to find a speedometer cable??
  50. Konig Dial In Wheels, 15x7, offset 35mm?
  51. Throttle cable snapped
  52. EVERYTHING costs more in Hawaii...
  53. Revisiting power windows on a B13
  54. Single Key Mod?
  55. OEM Shift knob discussion (NLA or not?)
  56. Is the owner of this B13 on here?
  57. fans won't turn on.
  58. Anyone ever seen this B13 grille?
  59. After market glass run and door weather strip for 2 door B13 on ebay
  60. SER and SE part inchangable
  61. B13 window deflector options
  62. have my eyes on a 93 4 door to switch it up need advice,New York City inspection
  63. B13 front and rear lip?
  64. 91 ser trouble help please
  65. tires for 16" rims pic request
  66. B13 sunny fender lights
  67. Help with wheel fitment
  68. WTF is this in my car???
  69. '93 SE-R - Starter or Ignition Switch?
  70. B13 JDM front bumper and lip thread
  71. Fender flares on b13
  72. swapped out DET for VE now i have 2 problems
  73. axle help
  74. 52,000 mile Classic
  75. Sunroof and dash options
  76. Anyone change a rack and pinion before?
  77. American B13 VS Mexican Tsuru construction quality--Please Read.
  78. 92 SER Project Number 2
  79. Looking for a b13 se-r cash in hand!
  80. Tranny gone?
  81. 2002 roller rocker clutch question
  82. Car dies rolling to stop and off throttle
  83. Troubleshooting fuel system issues.
  84. The numbers, stock B13 hood weight vs B13 carbon fiber hood
  85. POLL: OEM horn or aftermarket "Hi/Lo" horns?
  86. power steering help
  87. how are your moldings?
  88. Is the B13 really as good as I remember it?
  89. Value of an se-r twenty years from now?
  90. who wants an unmolested white se-r
  91. I need an idle control valve....
  92. AC compresor question HELP!
  93. stock rear spoiler question
  94. SE-R rarity question
  95. few random issues
  96. Road & Track, July 1991 and random scans
  97. cant figure it out wiring issue BACKFEED!!!!!!
  98. My 4dr B13 Project
  99. Carbon Fiber Project #1 - B13 Mirror Visors
  100. Dumb prob: replacing climate control module, whats w/ the metal connectors?
  101. Need a Nissen Sentra b13 EFI GAS TANK
  102. Custom front lip b13 2 fog gts and 4 fog super saloon bumpers
  103. New theory on why our dashes crack.. I watched it happen. pic
  104. Steering intermediate shaft noise
  105. Externally mounted (hood/cowl) oil pressure gauge
  106. help!!!!!!!!
  107. Usa oem shaved rear bumper
  108. Ever really look at the foam in the rear seats? lol
  109. Help finding a part please.
  110. Radiator fans do not turn off!
  111. Turbo 91 SE-R on eBay
  112. For those who missed out on the Seibon Group Buy the first time
  113. Shift rod
  114. passenger floor gets wet during rain
  115. Suspension
  116. 2014 Nissan B13 limo in Chile
  117. Proud new owner of the B13 GTIR!
  118. Intake manifold
  119. Original B13 SE-R Emblems idea
  120. Brrrr.....friggin cold, no heat
  121. Wheels
  122. Radiator support
  123. finally have a ser b13 :)
  124. Axle issues
  125. Where does the stock radio/antenna wire go to?
  126. from 1.6 to turbo..
  127. what is needed to make a auto ser into manual ?
  128. I keep "blowing" blower resistors
  129. Help im having headlight problems!
  130. Help!! B13 RPM Gauge stopped working?
  131. Any 4dr owners out there?
  132. headlight interchange
  133. A Classic story: My B13 from then to now
  134. EGR line wrench size
  135. What size Slicks are you using on your B13? Show some pics plz!!
  136. sr20de RR swap
  137. 92 SER Project Number 1
  138. Gauging Interest: Thule Roof Bike Rack: For Two Door B13 Sentra
  139. best looking/fitting b-13 side skirts
  140. lexan quarter windows
  141. ga16 to sr20 swap wiring question
  142. jdm lowport swap problems
  143. Window spoiler and wing
  144. B13 Window spioler not stay on!?
  145. Finally back together after 2 years.
  146. Fuel, Spark, Crank, no start
  147. can you help identify this for me
  148. accident (aftermath)
  149. Qr35 mounts?????
  150. Rare B13 Grill : Need help in Identifying Trim Model, Japan Surplus
  151. Do others think your crazy for B13 love?
  152. Clean classic on ebay
  153. brake booster
  154. Debating, abs or no abs? Opinions
  155. From VW GTI, back into the seat of a B13 | mm3's Build!
  156. 10 Years OF Savings ( Need Mint 93-94 Blue or White Sentra SER )
  157. Article
  158. B13 hydraulic clutch conversion "how to" thread?
  159. SR16VE or SR20VE?? Motor swap help.
  160. Rough idle
  161. please help! 1991 sentra ser clutch cable.
  162. intermittent starting and very low idle on a SR20DE
  163. De swap will not start
  164. Fuel injector harness question!
  165. B13 Sunroof
  166. How to remove brake booster...
  167. will these sway bar bushings work? weird shape
  168. Recently purchased se-L sides
  169. b13 side mirror cover?
  170. Look what i found in a dealer here in Japan
  171. Dash harness/bay harness questions
  172. Rear sway bar mount cracked
  173. JDM parts request
  174. nx master cylinder from rockauto
  175. An Introduction and my 1994 track toy
  176. moon roof..
  177. Car I'm going to possibly take home Saturday
  178. Rough idle. AAC?
  179. b13 love
  180. b13 carbon parts
  181. 93 B13 speed sensor gear and clip
  182. Bizz's b13 xe-r 4 door
  183. 225-45-15 tires on a B13?
  184. B13 Power lock and window?
  185. B13 W/ P10 Center Console?
  186. headlight beam doesn't light up far ahead
  187. have u ever seen a B13 with a rear dash air purifier
  188. 6UL Wheels or Work Emotion CR Kai?
  189. Removing quarter window and windshield moldings?
  190. 91-92 Engine Harness/93-94 Body Harness Issues
  191. Bluebird skirts fit B13?
  192. Help! RHD B13 Dash!
  193. 17x9 wheels? Anyone ever try fitting them?
  194. anyone ever heard of a baffled oil sump for a SR20 in a B13?
  195. Strange Craiglist find
  196. where to find launch control/2 step??
  197. Time for an end
  198. For sale my 92 ser with VVL
  199. Transmission or clutch? Issue
  200. Another AutoTrader low mileage SE-R for sale
  201. aftermarket water pumps?
  202. B15 Rear Brakes On B13????
  203. De distributor removal...
  204. B13 SER Won't rev past 4500/5k
  205. How to delete auto seatbelts from a 4 door b13?
  206. Sunroof assembly unit
  207. Rigid Collar mishap....
  208. 1994 Sentra XE VQ30
  209. SR20DE-T shoots crazy flames and dies won't start
  210. Anyone near Charlotte, NC? Nice '93 find on Craigslist
  211. Hey Classic Owners...I was thinking..
  212. Quick question...
  213. Header Fitment...
  214. SR swap from a G20 into a B13?
  215. B13 fuel woes..:confused:
  216. Post Pictures Of Your B13
  217. Anyone Every used them? 3" Mandrel SS
  218. Anybody with a b13 SE-R with a black headliner and black a-pillar trim?
  219. Wiring harness OBDI + OEM ECU
  220. Gti-r aftermarket turbo manifold
  221. This belong to someone here?
  222. p10 rear seat
  223. extended studs
  224. Need help with starting my car issues
  225. Starter install
  226. B13 super saloon for fog bumper
  227. 2 years ago my car had a bad rod knock. Finally put it all back together.
  228. Nissan meet
  229. my 2nd b13, 1st seR!
  230. Searching Around For More Info On Individual Coil Packs On The B13
  231. 1994 Limited Edition trunk lid on 93' Ser.
  232. How much gear oil in a b13 tranny?
  233. JDM Swap Q's
  234. jdm Sunny/Gt-S 2/Super Saloon Bumper
  235. B13 plug question??
  236. Cluster problem?
  237. Wiring Issues .
  238. how to put my ser on a diet.
  239. se-r paint job??
  240. Windshield Measurement
  241. Clutch and Motor Mounts - Ideas??
  242. Ser Shell
  243. B13
  244. Got Rearended, may be looking for a new ride soon.
  245. B13 Front Lip ??
  246. Anyone seen this JDM b13 Steering wheel before?
  247. B13 Brake Question?
  248. B13 smell gas?
  249. Too much rice???
  250. Fixing the little things: Speedometer/Odometer not working.