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  1. Bin
  2. bin for sr20det map
  3. Bin needed Avenir det, msd 50lb, n62maf
  4. In need of bin file/tune for my VE. P12bottom
  5. SR20DE UK 10:1 bin needed
  6. Need base map bin for gtir with 560cc injectors and n60 maf
  7. Help nemu tune
  8. S14 SR20DET .xdf file needed
  9. Gtir xdf and bin file wit Launch Control
  10. Need SR20VE Tune - EMS Stinger 4424 v3
  11. Need SR20VE Turbo BIN for Calum ECU
  12. Does anyone had xdf file can read or sr20ve and sr16ve bin files?
  13. NEED a B14 modified basemap, will send $$ through paypal!!
  14. looking for sr20 ve tune
  15. need b14 bin file please
  16. Rescaling rpm and lload nismotronic
  17. 1000cc E85 tune
  18. Looking for SR20DE/VE +T file
  19. nismotronic RT virtual dyno?
  20. Lookinf for a tcd
  21. Nismotronic SA map tuning.
  22. SR20VE-T bin - obd1
  23. Sr20det tunes!
  24. Looking For/Questions About:b14 + DET + Z32 MAF + MSD 72lb
  25. New girl Asking for help B-14 SR20DE Bin Needed.............................
  26. Nistune Tune Needed!
  27. BIN request: Stock OBD2 DET
  28. Anyone have a 16ve map?
  29. Looking for a tune for stock bolt on SR20VE
  30. Request P10 USDM Sr, BC Stg2 cams, S15 T28, pump gas
  31. Bin Request: S13 SR20DET, 550s, Z32, stock turbo
  32. Nemu V5 TCD's
  33. Aem ems 2
  34. Race tune TCD
  35. anyone have the address file for VZR N1
  36. Bin Request: B14 Calum R/T
  37. OEM Roller Rocker Tune anyone?
  38. TCD request b13 VE t28 520injectors n62
  39. UK SR20DE Red Top 10:1 BIN file required. Please help
  40. jdm SR20DET (GTiR) 440 inj, N60 maf bin 3 bar
  41. Need another VE bin
  42. BIN Request - DET/800CC/Z32
  43. Looking for a stock sr20ve/sr16ve bin
  44. A few bins (sr20de+t/370s/n60) and more
  45. Anyone got a Tunercode Sr20ve TCD i could look at?
  46. frankie.bin VE MAF
  47. Need TCD for Nemu
  48. OBD1 520 STI's@4 Bar DET Z32 BC Cam Tune
  49. bin wanted: b13, sr20de-ve, de maf, ve injectors, launch control
  50. Sr20ve stock inj 12.5 CR VE maf tunes?
  51. BIN files needed
  52. wanted b13 bin det/ve head/740s/t3 turbo
  53. Bin request: sr20ve, t25, 800cc, n62 maf
  54. bin request sti 520-550/z32 maf/9:5:1cr
  55. Bin (TCD) Request SR16VE
  56. VE bin
  57. Bin (TCD) Request SR22VE
  58. B13, 555's, t25, z32, walbro 255, s4's BIN wanted
  59. Bin Request: B13 SR20VE, 333cc, E60, 8000rpm, N1 cams
  60. Ostrich ROMulator, who have been using it?
  61. Bin Request. B14
  62. Bin request: B14 SR20VE, 370cc, t25, E60, 8000rpm
  63. Bin Needed: USDM SR20, 480cc (S15) injectors
  64. need bins for (DE 53J), N60, JWT S3 or BC stage 2
  65. OBD2 520cc to 550cc (STi) .BIN Request
  66. standard 16ve map needed
  67. Anyone know AEM? I need a base map for my ems.
  68. bin needed obdII sr20ve n60maf
  69. 50lb bin wanted
  70. ve-t, n60, nismo 555cc obdII
  71. B13,T25,9.5:1,N60,370cc,S4
  72. table timing VE + NOS
  73. Need BIN ASAP - B13 Avenir 8.5.1 DET / N60 / 370 3bar
  74. bin needed: obd1, det comp.,subie 525s, n62
  75. ecu help
  76. need bin for b14/ve/n1/ve-inj/ve-maf/no-rev-limit/
  77. S13 or B13 50lb, Z32 Maf, 12 psi
  78. p10/50lb/z32/turbo @ 12psi
  79. BIN needed GT28R (s15 ball bearing) DET 370cc boost at 11Psi
  80. UPDATED n/a sr20de bin for n60 maf
  81. B13 DET or S13 DET BC 264/z32/turbo bin
  82. Det bin needed for nistune....
  83. Does anyone have an S4 tune they'd be willing to share?
  84. b13/370cc/oem maf/8:5:1 cr/t25 bin needed
  85. DE bin needed
  86. Ve Bin needed... please help
  87. b14/de+t/370cc/z32
  88. SR20VE with SR16 pistons and SR16 N1 cams,intake,TB, N60 maf 333inj.
  89. B13 SR20VE w VEinj and N60 MAF
  90. ve-t bin?
  91. Bin files
  92. TunerCode ECU Tunes (tct's)
  93. ECU Bins (Tunes)
  94. Need Bin: SR20VE Calum Basic
  95. Looking for a BIN? SR20VE with SR16VE CAMS VE MAF?
  96. Need a hand with an SR bin
  97. MAF Voltages (VQ Table)
  98. BIN 91 p10 ve
  99. BIN request UKDM SR20DE+T 10:1/N62 MAF/370 cc injectors/3bar/GTI-R T28
  100. Need a P10 or B13/520cc(STI)/DE+T/300ZTT MAF bin please!
  101. b14 370/4bar/54mm bored MAF bin needed!!
  102. B13, 9.5:1, Z32maf, 740cc
  103. B14/370/DET/De maf bin needed
  104. Sr20ve Xdf
  105. Need bin for 370s n60 and w10det
  106. B13:VE+T25, 370cc, Z32maf,
  107. BIn request avenir tune
  108. Need obdII, VE, 333 inj, z32 maf
  109. B14/370@4bar/DE+T/
  110. Need bin for B13, W10 motor, N60 MAF.
  111. SR20VE tunes
  112. Need BIN for 550 injectors and bored MAF
  113. NA bolt-on BIN
  114. Need 96lb/z32 b13 bin ASAP
  115. looking for a bin or something close
  116. Need Bin : p10 - de+t - t25 - 370cc 3bar - N60 MAF
  117. Alfred.bin Needed - for N60 maf.
  118. b14 ve 333 ve maf bin needed
  119. need bin for sr20vet
  120. Bin for BC stg3 cams
  121. Bin request B14/nismo555cc 3/4bars
  122. Need a basic DE+T .bin
  123. JWT or Calum ECU:
  124. Needed: 95 G20t with RR & S3R cams
  125. B13 USDM SR20DE Bin Needed Sti 520 Injectors N60 Maf T3 T4
  126. looking for B13 z32, s4, 9.1:1, 520cc(4 bar) tune
  127. looking for b13/z32/480 or 550cc inj
  128. looking for obd2 740cc, z32 maf
  129. looking for OBD2,SR20VE, VE MAF, N1 CAMS, Budget ASP bin??
  130. could someone help me modify a bin from 333 to 370cc inj
  131. Looking for 550cc+n60 bin
  132. b13 bin needed, will pay
  133. bin request
  134. bIN REQUEST, B13, SR20VE, 20VE CAMS, VE INJ, P60 MAF
  135. b14 VE .bin needed
  136. need sr20ve/ve inj/n6o maf/stock cams/8000 redline bin
  137. need a bin please
  138. Need bin plz
  139. B13 Ve T28 N60
  140. BIN Request! B13, U13 ECU, T28, N60 MAF, 370s, 3/4 bar, stock internal USDM
  141. BIN: B13 SR20VE / 333 Inj / DE Maf
  142. BIN Request:B13,VE,333cc,4 bar,8k rev cut
  143. B14 Ecu need VE bin
  144. Bin request: DE MAF, 370cc, 9.5:1, 3 bar
  145. Bin Needed: E60 maf, 370cc inj, 9:5:1 no rev cut
  146. How can I modify a e60 maf bin to ve maf
  147. Need a B14 bin
  148. Bin Request: B14 / 370's @ 4-bar, bored MAF
  149. can anyone modify this bin for me
  150. looking for the b14/p11 adr
  151. B13 12.0:1 CR / DE Inj. / stock cams / N60 Maf / 3 bar - BIN.
  152. Calum!! where are you, I have a new request for you...
  153. Newest tuned NA bin?
  154. In need of a ve bin
  155. S14 SR20DET (~300whp)
  156. g20(p10) bluebird sr20det, stock inj., 4-bar, t25, 255lph pump, z32 mafs
  157. Request: B14, 9.1:1, Z32, 370cc @ 4 BAR, T25 BIN NEEDED PLEASE
  158. B14: DET 370cc, N60
  159. VE program
  160. Request:B13,N60,333CC,BC STG3's
  161. b14 520cc @ .4 bar z32 maf
  162. Request: B13 10:1 DE+T, 370cc @ 3 bar, T25, DE maf
  163. VE bin
  164. B13, 8.5:1, t25, s4's, z32, 555's, manual
  165. B13-CR 8:5.1-370INJ-Z32 maf t28 turbo bin needed.
  166. 1991 g20 det bin file needed
  167. BIN Request: B14 NA
  168. UK Fuel Maps
  169. 4 bar b14 ve bin?
  170. Program
  171. SR20VE program request
  172. 10:1 DE, S4, JWT popcharger program request
  173. New Program request :)
  174. 96lb or 1000cc program