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  1. Link: Beginners Guide to Chipped ECU Tuning
  2. I need Calum's b13rt.xdf file. His website is down and links no longer work
  3. Going COP with an Aem ems
  4. Any suggestions? SR20VE N1 timing map
  5. whats a good engine management to use?
  6. how to calum rt 2 version 0 connection - wiring and settings ?
  7. Open Hardware COP controller
  8. SR20 ignition trigger for Haltech Sprint 500
  9. Question about O2 Sensor Reference Voltage
  10. 20v Injector Battery Offset's
  11. Any knowledgable jwt users in NY(Long Island or Burroughs)
  12. How much for a tune
  13. Jwt vs nismotronic vs calum
  14. V activation with aem
  15. Help with wiring an innovate mtx-l
  16. B14 det basic calum.tried to set timing and idle.now she dies at stop
  17. calum basic on de+t emissions friendly?
  18. altitude misfire
  19. Dyno chart smoothing
  20. A sd factor
  21. Vac line for map sensor
  22. Wideband readings
  23. SR20VE/Nismotronic AFM Voltage Issue
  24. New realtime tuning option with Altima ECU?
  25. ecu help
  26. Codes on jwt ecu
  27. Need your guy's input!
  28. Need pointed in general direction of where to start...thanks
  29. 92 nx2000 I/H/E tuning
  30. NismotronicSA not reading live data
  31. Trying to find the right bin for my ecu.
  32. afr offset in nismotronic
  33. Nismotronic chipped ecu's questions
  34. Need a P10/VVL Computer!!!! ASAP
  35. Cell phone options?
  36. Aem iat wiring
  37. tuner pro rt tune who can do it?
  38. IAT sensor on s13 sr20det?
  39. What is the ideal iac percentage?
  40. Please help me get my vvl p11 to clear its cel!
  41. SR20VE Help Need-Ignition Timing Fighting Me - High RPM Misfire-Sounds Like Anti Lag
  42. Power FC Datalogit Coil Dwell settings explained
  43. Marsh tuning ecu help!!!
  44. nemuSA tune needed! det block,ve head, n62, id1000 (3bar), e85
  45. Need a tune for my set up!!
  46. Who endorse Nismotronic RT as a good option for my sr20det
  47. Getting Idle hang or bouncing idle when taken out of gear with nismotronics
  48. Realtime Issue
  49. Need help for tuners can read and analyze the data log
  50. i need help with msd
  51. U12 ECU Tunes
  52. going from aem ems v.1 to NismotronicsSA need Some Imput & does the RWD ecu fit FWd
  54. sr20de roller rocker maf vq table?
  55. nismotronic tuners in California
  56. '92 Sentra SE-R ECU vs '93 G20 ECU
  57. STI injectors @ 4 bar fuel pressure. Anyone have any knowledge??
  58. help ?
  59. truck KA to flat top swap
  60. CNP/COP conversion for OEM ECU
  61. RWD SR20VE(T) tuning suggestions
  62. Programmable B13 Ecu + Launch Control and mild anti lag
  63. MSPNP or Nismotronic
  64. nismotronic logg issue
  65. Alternative CAS
  66. Here's What I Just Made
  67. How I Installed: AEM EMS4 standalone wiring with stock gauges and accessories
  68. N1 cams installed on sr20ve
  69. AEM EMS-4 vs Haltech Sprint 500 vs MicroTech LT-9c
  70. is there someone that could help remove rev limiter on calum ecu??
  71. MAP sensor
  72. dyno tune today (nismotronic) sr20det, numbers
  73. Help with Calum RT & TunerPro RT
  74. ConsultBT by Trackelectronics Data log using Android app
  75. E manage ultimate+vvl activation
  76. Cam and crank trigger pattern
  77. tuning spark map?
  78. Searched & Searched, nothing. Need JDM S14A 80F00 pinout ASAP!!!
  79. Looking for SR20VE 20V maf VQ table
  80. List of GM IAT and MAP Cars to yank from
  81. Can someone help me build a b13 base tune bin file with LC?
  82. Gtir with LC bin.
  83. Fuel Ratio for E85?
  84. Nissan tachometer
  85. Need advice for GTIR k value
  86. Aem twinfirea
  87. Calum RT B14 base tunes
  88. Where is the easiest way to source the 20V MAF VQ table?
  89. alternate to 20v cas?
  90. AEM 2 series timing errors help
  91. Emutility .bin transfer to laptop (file)
  92. Tuning for E85?
  93. Calum ECU - launch control help
  94. 93 to 91 octane, how much to retard timing?
  95. Tcd file needed z32, 370cc
  96. Advise needed
  97. Ignition related jerking...
  98. Nemu z32 msd 96lb tune
  99. FYI: Nissan Datascan logs + Virtual Dyno = Fail
  100. Timing really has no affect on whp?
  101. AEM EMS Series 1 repin?
  102. nismotronic Help!!!!!
  103. Apex-i S-AFC II - help with re-installation (P11 SR20)
  104. nistune
  105. NismoTronicSA Tuning Class
  106. stock ecu tuning
  107. Aem stand alone or Nismotronic for my Sr20ve build
  108. how to tune ignition ?
  109. ADX file needed for TunerPro R/T data acquisition and map tracing.
  110. Roller rocker + EMS
  111. Need some advice with tune!
  112. What's the best maf to use for t25 ball Bering @ 10-12lbs?
  113. P11 Standalone full PNP !! Who's Interested ????
  114. B13 Basic ECU from Nemu to Gtir Engine
  115. E15 tuning
  116. Fuel enrichment...
  117. Does reseting your ECU via NDS resets timing also?
  118. ECU problems
  119. Z32 (Blowthrough) MAF Screen Damaged OK to remove?
  120. OBDII Tuning Nissan Sentra Se (sr20)
  121. TP scales for .bin and .tcd
  122. What works best AFR's to aim for at different loads?
  123. sr20de ecu on a vvl
  124. weird jumping idle / Nistune.
  125. VE tables
  126. Haltech 2 step antilag
  127. AFC Neo problem
  128. OBD1 datalogger for android
  129. Nismotronic SD factor
  130. Scaling TP load points for Q45 MAF on SR20VE?
  131. Aem VET tune needed
  132. Tuning afc neo..
  133. kelford 184-c and ignition timing
  134. Apexi neo Sr20DE+t Help
  135. Link G4 & Innovate LC-1
  136. AEM F/IC ? and info
  137. gear ratio table
  138. OBD1 Honda ECU - B13 setups
  139. SR20VE TCD File Wanted
  140. Now that the VE is gone would it be worth a reprogram of the JWT ECU to the POP tune.
  141. Calibrating o2 to nismotronic
  142. 01 Sentra tuning options
  143. Theory: Increased Engine load leads to better fuel economy
  144. AEM sensors
  145. Tuning, where do i start? (SR20VE)
  146. VE+T management.
  147. looking for a n1 cams n1 pistons tune.
  148. Intake manifold
  149. http://14point7.com/ anyone used their Spartan Lambda Sensor?
  150. Tuning a JWT ECU
  151. How do you trigger an alternate map in AEM?
  152. Need a Bin file for Nismotronic
  153. re:sr20ve tuning - opinions
  154. Nissan 14pin to obd2(16pin)adapter + ELM327 Bluetooth adapter+ Smartphone
  155. Bin needed=B14,T28,Z32,sti 520cc
  156. URGENT help :/
  157. Need Help with SR20DE pulsar 1991
  158. Looking for an ID1000 bin...
  159. Timing drift: Aem ems vvl n/a + 20v coils + 24-1 disk
  160. NEED HELP-calum realtime might be defective
  161. Apexi NeoAFC tune for sr20de+t (help)
  162. OBD1 ECU on VE
  163. HUGE probem on My B13 and H90 Maf Ligthnig, need help.
  164. Auto VE Tune P11, OBD1 Stepdown?
  165. log on gtir
  166. Anyone want to share NA DE timing maps?
  167. B13 ECU with TUNERCODE on a B14 with harness Issues!!
  168. ODB1 ecu help and advice needed ASAP!!!!!
  169. Apexi SAFC & Neo Problem
  170. Lean AFR on idle and cruise
  171. RC 750cc injectors duty cycle to high ?
  172. Rich AFRs with electronic load?
  173. LC-1 wideband analog out to calum rt v1.
  174. TP scale in RT/TunerPro
  175. Need a bin asap
  176. Tuning Fuel Maps with NismoTronic SA
  177. Timing Maps..and Beyond!
  178. Calum rt data logging.
  179. lean idle
  180. Cleaning the engine bay, emissions removal, EGR Solenoid Bypass Question
  181. Virtual Dyno and Smoothing
  182. wiring s13 det ecu on my b14 for 20v cas and cop
  183. DET CAN, anyone made or used one?
  184. Injector latency of MSD 50lb injectors?
  185. Simple question, turbo AFRs and EWGs
  186. Determining specific points of when knock occurs?
  187. Tuning for S4/S3 cams?
  188. TunerPro RT - have some questions.
  189. Interested in tuning
  190. ECU roll call. What is everyone using these days
  191. ecu troubles
  192. ECU with enabled VE map-fuel issues - in Nistune
  193. Chipped ECU gurus step inside please.
  194. Anyone willing to make a bin for my car?
  195. Cheap eprom burner?
  196. Wideband sensor placement
  197. Q45 (P60) VQ Table
  198. Looking to get my car tuned in long island??
  199. DIY Custom Detonation cans
  200. Consult cables delima/Issue resolve /Tempfix
  201. 800whp maf and more for a good price
  202. Help With ECU
  203. Best tuning methods (affordable)
  204. Bin request: S13 370cc z32 maf
  205. How to make your fuel and timing maps AKA "TP/LOAD" scales
  206. How can you tell the difference between OBD1 & 2 ECU's?
  207. NX 2000 SR20DE turbo project
  208. Tuning a rebuilt SR20DE
  209. Running richer with heater on
  210. emu ignition question
  211. IACV and Initial Timing
  212. Aem ems ignition/injector phasing
  213. Running 2 MAFs on the same harness for different ECUs
  214. Exessive MAF voltage and high TP with engine off
  215. Need S14 SR20DET XDF file Anyone??
  216. How to get base bin from standard ecu to file with free software?
  217. someone have this bug problem?
  218. Mac Consult Program
  219. Aem ems 2 pnp 30-6600
  220. Hoping for a solution.
  221. Aem wideband replacement sensor
  222. What the best chip, to tune a sr20det
  223. Calum Basic ECU- Launch Control problem
  224. Calum Chip Install
  225. JWT, Precision 5858, help me make some power!
  226. Need '94 GMC 6.5 diesel .bin
  227. Low speed drivability issues
  228. chipping 54c ecu.
  229. Gimbaled Dyno
  230. When exatcly should i be on the last column? n/a motor
  231. SR20VE best A/F
  232. DaughterBoard
  233. consult
  234. Calum R/T ECU and Nistune software question
  235. NEMU idle AFRs and Fuel Pressure
  236. Calum Basic bin question
  237. Octane & Compression tuning
  238. Jwt vs. Calum Basic
  239. New Virtual Dyno graph Tuners Welcome!
  240. SR20DET tuning help needed
  241. help bad mileage Nemu Rt
  242. Getting knock code, with it turned off?
  243. Nemu wont map trace RPM
  244. Need help making a safe basemap
  245. Question about all timing advance VS temp tables
  246. Is my o2 sensor busted?
  247. EcuTalk Log view in Graph
  248. new help
  249. Calum RT for B13 Fans not coming on
  250. Losing TPS?