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  1. VALVE SPRING KITS for sr20ve (20v)
  2. Let's talk headers
  3. Vvl oil pump question.
  4. OBD1 Ignition Coil
  5. SR20VE serious starter kickback issue
  6. please need help.
  7. 20 V valve cover
  8. Sr20ve 20v
  9. SR20VE Exhaust manifold gasket
  10. Valve replacement
  11. outfitting the SR20VE with functioning USDM EGR system
  12. Timing chain help info needed!
  13. Sr20ve (20v) cam card
  14. Sr20de with VE head swap.
  15. 20v valve cover hose to block replacement
  16. Primera P11 = SR20ve 20v + 6Speed + 5*114
  17. SR20VE Idle Issue
  18. SR20 de crank on sr20ve
  19. SR16VE build
  20. VE+T vs VET?
  21. Rod Bearing question
  22. Mod header again
  23. VVL distributor problems
  24. Lowport de with sr16 pistons
  25. Built VE that has held up?????
  26. 20v valve steam
  27. From africa with love?
  28. In Need of VE distibutor cap and rotor
  29. U13 Altima w/ SR20DE swap to SR20VE
  30. Looking for RWD VE resources
  31. Anybody dyno 20v
  32. Still can't figure out my idle/timing issues, need to pick some brains!
  33. vvl activation with ecu 4g ???
  34. Crank pulley ONLY 4 timing marks?
  35. need help clutch disc rivets keep bursting
  36. 20v plenum vs n1 plenum
  37. A few timing questions
  38. Crank sensor help on SR16VE transmission
  39. Some thoughts regarding SR16VE pistons on other SRs
  40. camshaft change ?
  41. Greddy MSS
  42. Can anyone confirm the intake #1 Cam Journal Fastener hole
  43. SR23VE BUILD need some help
  44. Hybrid VVL oil pump help
  45. MPi VVL Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit+ injector combos! FREE MPi adjustable cam gears!
  46. VVL 4 bar fuel pressure
  47. cam degree kit for vvl?
  48. VVL Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit
  49. any info on this car?
  50. 730rwhp, 530rwtq SR20VE-T S14 Build!!!!!!!!
  51. SR23VE FWD Build
  52. Nissan SR20VE VVL Exhaust Solenoid Replacement Tutorial Video
  53. Sentra B13 GA16 to SR20VE
  54. Coolant Temp Sensor on VE
  55. Wierd throttle issue is it my TPS
  56. pics: which firewall hose to where
  57. Interest in Ferrea valves for sr20ve
  58. Spark plugs
  59. confirmation on usdm sensors swap
  60. My new header
  61. 20V header vs SSAC dyno request
  62. New swap
  63. Frankenstein DE/VE build
  64. Xcessive manifold install help!!
  65. Sr20ve swap no tach signal
  66. Sr16ve on dyno
  67. New Member with 98 SE-R w/sr20ve
  68. Valve shims
  69. I am about to FINALLY purchase a VE
  70. Finally decided that I am going 20VE. Dynoed good curve but not so impressive hp.
  71. VVL Intakes - real life learnings
  72. VE swap. Calum ecu. Help with o2 sensor please!?
  73. INSTALL SR20VE DISTRIBUTOR IN A B13 sr20de harness
  74. Little convo about the Franklin Hybrid Cams
  75. Cam Timing
  76. SR20VE 20V setup - advices?
  77. Timing settings help
  78. Top Feed Fuel Rail Conversion
  79. Help with header - SR23VE
  80. Vvl pistons
  81. Header and intake help
  82. Oil pressure higher than a giraffe's ass
  83. Working on some new ......
  84. Oil Temp and Pressure and Water temp probe installation Q's
  85. Ve oil squirters
  86. Help ve'd b13 with code 21 on ecu
  87. VE No Spark Cyl #1
  88. SR20VE cam switching solenoids P11 P12 VET differences
  89. My SR20VE/32v Build...Pictures and Part Numbers
  90. Having a few small running issues, was hoping someone has had the same...
  91. Couple of questions on Claying a VE
  92. SR20DE with P11 VE head valve clearance?
  93. Reusable?
  94. Sr20ve swap b13 Wont Start!! Heellp!!
  95. SR20ve swap b13 No Start Need Help!!
  96. SR20ve swap b13 No Start Need Help!!
  97. SR20VE Swap Issues into B13 Se-r
  98. Q45 throttle body, any tips available regarding wiring, tuning and even install?
  99. SR20VET camshaft condition and clearance ?
  100. Ve tuning options
  101. nx2000 auto to manual vvl swap issues
  102. VVL ; turbo ; low backpressure ; not low compression ; cam choice
  103. VE problem
  104. Help please with cams opions
  105. Question about aftermarket/forged con rods
  106. Need help resolving 50% VVL activation/lift issues
  107. N1 with seized engine...which way to go next, any thoughts?
  108. Idle drop at 1800rpm
  109. Degreeing a VE...
  110. E60 MAF on B13 VE
  111. 88mm Builds
  112. VE dyno results - VIDEO & GRAPH Attached.
  113. Opinions about Armonic Performance header
  114. looking at buy sr16ve with spun bearing. Question?
  115. 326 whp dynojet pics inside
  116. Q45 throttle body for the Xcessive plenum kit
  117. Quick Question on OBDII Harness and P11 VE Distributor Wiring
  118. SR16VE pistons, how far can I skim off the top?
  119. SR20VE vs. K20 (Vid inside)
  120. Cone filter vs Air box
  121. ve intake pipe question.
  122. difference between GTiR SR20 block and SR20VET block
  123. sr20ve into a b15 se-r spec V
  124. BJ's vs Xcessive manifold
  125. EBay tri y header
  126. WTB P11 SR20VE stock cams
  127. Sr20ve dyno
  128. After VE swap in B13: High Idle (2k), WTF?
  129. What would be better
  130. The fastest SR20VE
  131. Msd burn out?
  132. N1 Engine re-build advice
  133. Opinions Stroke or Bore
  134. B14 Clutch Options....mine died.
  135. Need your opinion on these worn rod bearings
  136. Oil dipstick for sr20ve same as sr20de?
  137. Fuel dampener question
  138. Straightening a VE head?
  139. Fuel rail question
  140. Help Valve spring retainer and valve shims
  141. B13 owners with a P12 6sp swap
  142. Does 20ve valve cover fit on 20v head?
  143. DE A/C compressor on VE
  144. Tips for running a 90mm TB? I'm having a TPS issue
  145. 1N5 and 8H6 oiling tubes
  146. vvl 3inch?
  147. seeking advice on Hesitation during acceleration
  148. Trying to get interest to have these Autotech Motoring Intakes made.
  149. Better overall gains, intake (xcessive) or REAL header?
  150. vvl engagement problems
  151. Vvl Breaking Up
  152. Franklin vs supertech valve springs *pics*
  153. 93 VE Powered B13 @ NHMS 1 Mile Oval
  154. GTI-R or Non GTI-R main bearings
  155. Max rpm stock conrod bolts?
  156. Full Billet Upper Intake Plenum Feeler.....
  157. oil filter same 00-01 sentra as a VE?
  158. Any idea of the CFM of a VE head?
  159. AEM guys, need help with vvl...
  160. interested in your opions 86-88-90mm bores
  161. 50series sr16 tranny?
  162. anyone else seen the new Protech-Fabrication 4-1 header?
  163. power steering eliminator HELP
  164. Q45 MAF adapter
  165. Oil pressure fluctuating after cams activates
  166. Broken valve guide
  167. p12 20V headers. Yes / no?
  168. Extending O2 sensor
  169. New peak WHP with different mods
  170. help please! Tps issues
  171. SR20VE Bucking
  172. High RPM 88mm de/ve build - couple of questions
  173. Re use sr20vet gasket?
  174. My high comp custom header
  175. My high comp custom header
  176. SR20VET what ECU to use ?
  177. 20v in b13
  178. Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.
  179. It's ALIVE! but FML once again, this is absolutely ridiculous what I found
  180. Altima distributor on a VE
  181. b13 vvl swap ecu
  182. VVl head swap
  183. 90mm bore 12.5 build in planning stages.. searched but all results are OLD lol
  184. 87x86 Build!!
  185. Reading Plugs
  186. Belt Size
  187. Sr20ve p12 valve clearance
  188. DE distributor wiring to DE wiring harness for VE swap
  189. Best header/IM option sr20ve 20v
  190. Radius Cut Vs Velocity Stacks for intake. Are there results anywhere?
  191. SR20VE Fujitsubo Header Gaskets: What to use?
  192. slicks?
  193. VE t-stat housing replacement - DE doesn't work, Matej saves the day
  194. sr20ve in a suzuki swift
  195. Modified SSAC style exhaust manifold
  196. Ve Nitrous
  197. maxing injectors on a ve.
  198. VE WOT Problem
  199. What do you folks think about this VE?
  200. More starting problems ARGH #(*#(*$!!!
  201. vvl with 370 injectors?
  202. VE on a stock DE ECU questions
  203. VE chipped box
  204. VE idle problem
  205. Issues with vvl swap.
  206. Opinions on this cooling setup for NA VE?
  207. H22a rods in a VE
  208. sensors smached!! looking for new ones.
  209. N60 MAF wiring assistance please (I'm colorblind)
  210. Has anyone measured the standard VE cast headers?
  211. Managing cold idle with a Q45 Throttle body on a VE.
  212. vvl air fuel ratio problems!
  213. part number sr20ve 20v spark
  214. Overheating. Testing fan
  215. bare vvl head, how much do they go for? and other VE research q's and whp estimates
  216. SR20VE spun a Rod, I want to put a NEW crank in, what can I use? Best place/price?
  217. Clutchmasters FX500 install; UPDATE w/ videos on starting problem
  218. Did ALL JMD SR16VE engines come with LSD tranny???
  219. 87 octane with DE ecu?
  220. Sr16ve questions.
  221. Gspec pulleys
  222. Distributor plug for VE
  223. Help needed urgently VVL at 6800?!
  224. hmmm i dont know what is going on here
  225. My VE build. ACL, ARP, P&P, SUPERTECH, etc
  226. High Idle on B13 VE
  227. SR20VE VVL Mileage Count
  228. El pawder 2.2l
  229. Doug Fab SR20VE trials!!!
  230. Throttle Issues - 99' P11 VE
  231. nevermind
  232. air fuel ratios vvl
  233. White Smoke in VVL......Lost??
  234. Bearings Help
  235. Vvl lambda sensor
  236. Header Design
  237. exhaust manifold gasket
  238. Best activation for stock vvl
  239. Oil Pump cover
  240. Rod knock on my VE - options
  241. sr16 compression test
  242. Sr20ve valve spring seats
  243. Valve Guide
  244. timing chain
  245. vvl trying to figure out the symptoms or problems with my transmission (LSD)
  246. CP Pistons 88mm High Compression Interest
  247. SR20VE low lobes sound
  248. Track day re-cap
  249. BC vs. Supertech valve springs and retainers
  250. B14 maf on B13 ECU on 333 injectors on VVL