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  1. Battery dead - fusible link?
  2. How should I locate b13 main harness body grounds?
  3. Choose between these 2 receivers for my Versa
  4. Posi lock vs quick tap connectors
  5. what plugs are these?
  6. Need help with headlight wiring
  7. Looking for a engine harness plug
  8. Engine harness pics
  9. turn signal problem.
  10. Free smartphone app you need to download RIGHT NOW (traffic, speed trap alerts, etc)
  11. Aftermarket Radio Head Unit question/s??
  12. Part number for nx
  13. General Question about aftermarket gauges
  14. Any custom / interesting / revamped interiors?
  15. Escort Max 360 > Valentine 1
  16. Pulsar SSS help!!
  17. Little glassing!
  18. Nx2000 power windows not working
  19. Fast/SlowDoor Chime on Startup
  20. Photos: Opinions on audio placement
  21. How much can our alternators handle?
  22. MAF elements touched
  23. Problems with tape deck on SE-R?
  24. S15 sr20det no power at coils.
  25. Msd box location and wiring
  26. brighter fog lights?
  27. Fans won't turn on.... kinda
  28. pFb Product Store and Facebook page
  29. Brake light problems
  30. How to: Sentra CY13F ZT50A 2009-2012 MP3 Ipod radio install and led color change
  31. wiring multiple gauges question
  32. Installing 6x9 speakers in B13 rear speaker deck
  33. Tachometer wire testing
  34. Four ribbed alternator pulley
  35. Engine harness question
  36. Rad fan high speed
  37. P10 jumpy Tachometer
  38. Main fusible link - what's the amperage rating?
  39. Alternator Not Charging, question before replacement.
  40. Nx Mystery Switches
  41. School me on amp knowledge
  42. Looking for o2 sensor wiring diagram
  43. anyone how to wire up check engine light on cluster?
  44. Radio skips when I hit pothole.
  45. Engine Harness
  46. Relay that does this?
  47. Adding daytime running module to a b13?
  48. Plug Wire Prong Tips?
  49. Converting obd1 to obd2 dizzy?
  50. engine harness
  51. B14-b13 step down harness issues
  52. forgive my stupidity, but how do you change the light bulb on the a/c on off b14
  53. Need a B13 Ignition switch pinout
  54. MSD 6A Ignition Control
  55. ITB 12.5 VVL on p28 Honda
  56. HELP!!!! Fog light switch pigtail picture
  57. Need help identifying wiring harness
  58. AC Compressor will not turn on
  59. Who was it that custom fit afr gauge in factory cluster?!?!?!
  60. positive wire for fuel pump?
  61. Spark issue!
  62. fog light issue
  63. Alarm and no start 98' 200 sx SE-R
  64. The Diversity Antenna System: Two Antennas
  65. Harness question, Care to give insight
  66. What Dizzy Cover are you guys using for direct fire?
  67. Preemptive Strike Question
  68. NX Antenna
  69. AT to MT
  70. What is the purpose of the ECM relay?
  71. HID's Relocation?
  72. anyone do a diy car computer?
  73. headlight issue (not the switch)
  74. Can anyone with this fuse box cover tell me what this says?
  75. Bad alt?
  76. radio/clock died
  77. Wire tuck suggestions!
  78. Anyway to bypass anti theft on b14?
  79. Small 12V batteries. What are you running?
  80. Car is shorting?
  81. ecu works in one car but not the other [SOLVED]
  82. Anyone ever hear of this strange way to start a G20?
  83. On the right track? Aftermarket gauge in oem cluster
  84. may need new HIDs , light not working. (NVM)
  85. Signal/frequency/pulse convertor
  86. battery and brake light with speed sensor code on all the time
  87. 3 alternators!
  88. 6X9 Advice
  89. Ok serious question!
  90. please help im pulling my hair out! Tach adapter went bad?!
  91. Lost without direction
  92. Having some electrical issues... curious if anyone ran across this before...
  93. Car runs hot in traffic...no fans!!!
  94. Z32/DE MAF hybrid? Ya think?
  95. need smj box wire labelling help!
  96. Have no power??
  97. Rare DRS Wing?
  98. Blower switch and harness buring out #4
  99. Nx ecu harness mod
  100. Help Replacing Window Motor
  101. mid bass speaker in door
  102. Pictures of 93 harness's
  103. +12 V Battery/Constant Fuse?
  104. What is wired into my computer harness???
  105. Instrumental Cluster Bulb Sockets?
  106. connector under p/s reservoir ??
  107. Electrical Drain Issue
  108. B13 Antenna
  109. B14 keyless entry HELP
  110. O2 Sensor Extension
  111. Stock alarm programming.. smh
  112. Check out my custom installed gauges in the NX
  113. Avic Z1 Firmware upgrade?
  114. fuse blowing out
  115. help w/ battery relocation!! Im lost!!
  116. Need some help! TPS voltage issues! 6v at WOT!
  117. Boost-A-Spark anyone?
  118. B13 dizzy help
  119. battery keeps dieing
  120. Gxe sr swap
  121. Radio Wiring
  122. Nx digi cluster install
  123. trying to get stereo to work. (fixed)
  124. Damn you, Sony!
  125. cigarette lighter problems
  126. s13 b13 ecu same?
  127. tach wire location?
  128. FM radio static fix??
  129. Fuel Pump Relay wiring
  130. Switched Power
  131. Capacitors...what's a good brand now-a-days?
  132. I think I have a bad short
  133. Display fix?
  134. Wiring the Lucino Outer Fog Lights
  135. Distributorcap/spark plug cable connector broke off?! Wtf?
  136. What amp to get for bass tube?
  137. Nissan Consult question
  138. hazard switch staying lit?
  139. Nissan Engineers...WTF?!
  140. wiring help
  141. how do you make your tailights brighter?
  142. Simplifying the Chassis Harness - Is it really needed?
  143. Fans drawing too much power
  144. ECU part number
  145. 1994 sentra se cluster swap. help!
  146. guage cluster and temp control issues
  147. in the market for a good car alarm for my b13
  148. 16 volt battery
  149. B13 B-Pillar Seatbelt Swap Issue
  150. Need help w/ selinoids
  151. Harness connector question
  152. Obd2 Port Issue
  153. Water Temp Sensor Ground Shorted
  154. Info : ASCD / Cruise control pinouts & retrofit guide
  155. Gauge/AFC etc. mounting/positioning pic thread
  156. white socket
  157. What kind of amp?
  158. Fuse box help
  159. Subwoofer?
  160. Just thought this might help
  161. Nx1600 in b13 e
  162. Fuel pump primes with headlights...
  163. 1.6 to 2.0 wirings
  164. Going JDM, Would these work?
  165. Amp recommendation please
  166. tach working periodically
  167. Identify this underdash harness by this connector...
  168. Check out my soldering
  169. sun roof is moving not much...
  170. Sony Headunits Fail
  171. Ground wire in trunk
  172. My wiring project
  173. ecu pins for stepdown?
  174. Name that ECU
  175. maf help
  176. Who has & where did you get LED bulbs(car)?
  177. inline fuel pump relay issues
  178. Cluster help?
  179. JDM DE Harness on JDM GTIR DET ENGINE
  180. TPS Issues
  181. nx1600 dash issues
  182. Crimpers for ecu pins?
  183. DE harness on a VE
  184. Rotor and Cap Tune up Power Difference
  185. Trunk Pop
  186. Apexi Turbo Timer Harness
  187. Parking Brake Power supply for in dash DVD player?
  188. HERE is a weird electrical problem (interior)
  189. under hood fuse box relocation?!?!?!
  190. Mold pillar pod?
  191. Components in the Rear
  192. 99 200SX SE radio part #?
  193. Wiper speed 1 dead
  194. Identify these wires?
  195. Gauge pods?
  196. Asap Viper Alarm Help
  197. Signals don't work..
  198. help burnt wire on harness...which one is it?
  199. Pretty good DC-to-AC inverter for trips?
  200. Need help Identifying a Relay on my B13
  201. Idiot proof way to add a kill switch
  202. SR20DET swap into DOHC S-chassis
  203. Im getting noise Interference from my radio (Whiring sound with engine)
  204. B13 Speaker box for the trunk/backseat opening
  205. water temp gauge not working need help
  206. Water Temp Gauge wiring problem - help pls.
  207. ECU/Transmission question
  208. Looking for some new audio
  209. Any DIY Threads for B14 Speaker Swaps?
  210. HID lights for Depot Tsurus
  211. Aftermarket amplifiers
  212. Signal for speedo...
  213. Where are you guys mounting your msd unit?
  214. What fans to use?
  215. Headlight Retainer!!!
  216. wire in gauges
  217. Radio eletro interference?
  218. can we use this?
  219. Fog light re wire
  220. DIY shift light?
  221. speedsensor of GA16 fit to SR20DE
  222. 1994 ser cluster into 1993 xe
  223. noob lighting question
  224. super alternator!
  225. harness
  226. ASAP: Car is stranded, electrical, something blew..
  227. battery light stays on
  228. How To : NX1600 Digital Cluster Into A B13 Se-R
  229. NX2K speaker size?
  230. Cluster Question
  231. how to fit speakers in the rear deck
  232. Advice on a decent mid-level stereo system
  233. Custom Tachometer update
  234. Weird battery issue
  235. Stereo install
  236. Help with programming key fob
  237. Have an OEM radio?
  238. Need Help ASAP Please
  239. Subwoofer Options?
  240. trunk battery
  241. Wiring up an amp.
  242. 50.7x remote start help
  243. SR20DET Engine conversion woes
  244. Relay questions
  245. Dash and tail lights blown. How to fix?
  246. Easiest Speaker Replacement In A B14?
  247. Best speakers for the front doors of a B14?
  248. LED 1156 and 1157 bulbs.
  249. DIY Electronic Knock Stethoscope
  250. b14 alarm install help!!!