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  1. NOOB guide to installing cams in an SR20DE
  2. How To: AC Compressor Pulley Bearing Repair
  3. How To: Relocate alternator using Brown Speed Engineering bracket
  4. How To: Home Made Smoke "Machine" for Vac Leaks
  5. How to Install Lowport Intake Manifold on RR
  6. How to Install VE Valve Springs in an RR (Allows for 8k redline)
  7. HowTo - P10/P11 SR20VE Coil On Plug w/ 20V Crank Angle Sensor
  8. HOW TO: Check camshaft timing
  9. How To: Build a 9000rpm SR20DET Head
  10. ThermoBlok Spacers / Lowport SR20
  11. HowTo: Build an Oil Cooler
  12. How To: Side Gap Spark Plugs
  13. HOW TO: Change your coolant temperature switches
  14. HOW TO: B14 Throttle Body Heater Bypass
  15. HOW TO: Index Your Spark Plugs
  16. How to: Adjusting Ignition Timing
  17. HOW TO: Install a Sparco Wheel in S13
  18. How To: Convert Low Port CAI to fit High Port
  19. How to: Tap a Cast Iron Manifold for EGT
  20. How to: Nismo FPR install (lowport)
  21. How To: P11 CAI Install
  22. HOW TO: Wire E-manage for all harnesses
  23. HOW TO: Build a (Quiet & Inexpensive) 3" Side Exit Exhaust