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  1. Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement - Easy Way
  2. How to reassemble the power steering pump lower valve assembly?
  3. How to: remove a 1999 SE-L wiring harness
  4. Some NGK spark plug info
  5. HOW TO: SE-R window regulator
  6. Water in trunk? How to fix a leaking tail light...
  7. Wet trunk? How to repair your leaking brake light...
  8. How To: Fix your leaking B13 distributor
  9. HOW TO: In-dash aftermarket temp gauge
  10. Free clutch cable mod for more adjustment
  11. HOW TO: Winter Washing/Apartment Detailing
  12. How To: Clean The MAF/AFM
  13. How to program keyless remote (P11)
  14. How to: Make your own power steering high pressure hose
  15. How to change P/S high pressure hose. (pics)
  16. How To : Remove Cylinder Head Valves
  17. Transmission case + 5th gear fix
  18. Clean a 95-96 MAF sensor
  19. Inner Axle Boot Replacement W/Pictures
  20. How to Replace a Rear Wheel Bearing
  21. How To: B15 Rad Flush
  22. EGR Delete information
  23. How to: Create your own radio jumper harness
  24. How To: Remove wire pins from stock Injector Clips
  25. How to: Cold Idle Fix
  26. HOW TO: Remove and Replace Valve Cover & Gasket (In Correct Order)
  27. HOW TO: Change Timing Chain Tensioner
  28. HOW TO: DIY Fuel Pressure Gauge + 'T'
  29. How to recognise and repair 5th gear pop-out in a B13 or B14 transmission.
  30. How to: Make a catch can on your pcv for less than $30
  31. How To: Change Heater Core
  32. How to use an Easyout to take out Broken Bolts
  33. How to : disassemble & regrease starter
  34. How The Hell Do You Get These Injectors Out?
  35. How To: Renew the shape and feel of your seats for FREE!
  36. How To: Change Yor Axles (Barney style w/ photos)
  37. How To: Install B14 200SX Folding Rear Seats in a B13
  38. HOW: Most OBD II: Remove the Rear O2 Sensor
  39. How To: Change rod bearings
  40. Howto Test Relays
  41. How To:Disassemble a B13 Transmission
  42. how to: make your clutch assembley feel more ridgid
  43. HOW TO: degreasing engine bay
  44. How to get adjustement for your clutch cable when you have run out!
  45. how to: self diagnose your ecu (video) pull codes
  46. hOw to: locate your starter bolts for removal replacement
  47. HOW TO: Remove broken bolts
  48. How to get the horn to work with an aftermarket steering wheel
  49. HOW TO: Replace rear wheel bearing (1996 Infiniti G20t)
  50. How to: Replace axle boot.
  51. How to:Install a clutch
  52. How To: Replace your Alternator...
  53. How To: Change your oil. With Pictures!
  54. How to: Replace Manifold and J-pipe Studs
  55. How to: Install a Walbro fuel pump (B14)
  56. HOW TO: Install a clutch (1996 Infiniti G20t)
  57. HOW TO: Reground Your MAF (mass air flow sensor)
  58. How to: Make your test pipe look like a CAT
  59. HOW TO: Restore your factory door pillar vinyl
  60. How To: Change Manual Transmission Oil
  61. How To: Remove NX2000 Dash
  62. HOW TO: Trunk Mounted Battery
  63. HOW TO: P11/B15 transmission swap into a B13/B14/P10
  64. HOW TO: Bad idle troubleshooting
  65. HOW TO: Wire up your Apex Super AFC