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  1. Honda Map
  2. E85 setup on V1 SA ECU
  3. Idle control - anti stall/idle recovery problem
  4. Boost by speed option
  5. Question: can I use the MAF wire for Map conversion?
  6. Nismotronic Dealer/Tuner in Austin, TX?
  7. Getting EGT Reading
  8. Multiple n00b questions...
  9. How to Disable Some Sensor?
  10. Ecu not enriching during throttle accelleration
  11. can 9.1 ohm injectors be ran on the nemu?!?
  12. pop and bang overrun on nismotronic?
  13. when tuning ID1000+e85, what kind of HP and IDC #'s are you seeing JOHN K.
  14. Flexsensor+NEMU1+NEMU2 ADC box not working
  15. ECU forgets TCD, limp mode
  16. Is my MAP sensor bad?
  17. Max gear, 6 speed, affecting tables?
  18. idle has sucked for years, any way to tune out the iac completely?!?!
  19. NismoTronicSA Startup Calibrations Update
  20. nismotronic ecu
  21. sr20det redtop rwd wiring for map
  22. Thread size of GM IAT sensor??
  23. wiring help
  24. Why is my maf voltage go up but my maf value go down?
  25. having trouble with gauge screen and log analyzer
  26. Knock
  27. nismotronic SR20DET S15
  28. gmn 3bar setting in in adc
  29. Use GM Evap pressure sensor as Map sensor?
  30. hunting idle fix with nismotronic.
  31. Alpha/N vs MAP and MAF anyone using it?
  32. ECU Cable
  33. logger status cant go to live
  34. Chipped ecu tuning question
  35. Individual Cylinder Trims + Injector Flowsheet?
  36. pegging out my n62 maf, any way around it?!?
  37. NismoTronicSA - NEMU2 Updates
  38. Knock
  39. wiring up a/c switch?
  40. weather effecting AFR
  41. Nismotronic + Windows 10 = Yes
  42. Nismotronic protocol?
  43. NismoTronic 3.26.00 Update
  44. Ordered a Chip tune?
  45. Understanding IAT Density Correctioin - The Math
  46. this was funny..
  47. Gtir ecu and boost control
  48. anybody running PTE (precision) 1000 injectors on their nemu?
  49. Need a tune map NEMU SA
  50. ECU issue...stuck or in safe mode or something
  51. sr20det tune
  52. Car leaning out when ECTs rise
  53. GM 1 Bar MAP sensor
  54. AEM wideband not detected, only sees voltage
  55. MAF, ADC1,2, and 3 all show 5v
  56. IAT Wiring
  57. TunerView App Testers Needed!
  58. odd start issue..
  59. Android TunerView app coming soon!
  60. Flex-fuel sensor output
  61. Issues with activating VVL via Nemu
  62. feels like intermittent rev limit at 7000rpm
  63. Tps value for vvl activation
  64. PSP Input wiring
  65. ve ecu stock wiring for vvl to b13 nismotronic air con trigger?
  66. Anti- Lag setup
  67. What happens inside the ecu with TPS disconnected?
  68. safest rev limit setting
  69. ground for wideband when using nismotronic breakout box
  70. Will my ECU support EBC?
  71. What cold start AFR to aim for?
  72. MPG?
  73. Cranking issue
  74. ACCEL ASYNC PARAMETERS, please explain.
  75. Nemu IAT sensor install
  76. how to get the map to read accurately on the rd1?!?
  77. using a voltage regulator for the iniectors
  78. Cure knock on deceleration?
  79. TPS reads fine with key on but not when running
  80. how to get MPH reading on RD1 accurate?
  81. Help. Rev limit @ 2,000rpm
  82. Possible bad ecu?
  83. purpose of TPS timing adjustment (retard)
  84. Can't enter voltage offset (ADC)
  85. Fuel Table issues for MAP?
  86. How to: Pass smog (Nismotronic+Wideband)
  87. How to use a Q45 MAF full scale for resolution?
  88. O2 trim
  89. Jk tune b14-b13 step down harness issues
  90. Trouble setting up
  91. New laptop, no go for emulation.
  92. EBC setup -- (ecu based boost control)
  93. NismoTronicSA Tuning Class: May 23-25th 2014
  94. Launch control cutting my rpm randomly
  95. Any B13 SE-R Nismotronic COP Conversion Writeup?
  96. Flat shift setup
  97. out of office?!?!
  98. Wire electric fans to a/c ?
  99. ECU compatibility
  100. Death ECU?
  101. Could someone please explain...
  102. out of memory errors
  103. MAP Sensor Install for Logging Purposes
  104. Is it just me or..?
  105. Rough, Unstable and sometimes high idle!
  106. Rich on hot day
  107. Question about installation
  108. NismoTronicSA: Idle Tuning
  109. Idle drop when fans kick in, SA with Map
  110. Final Ignition Value
  111. vvl wire up?
  112. NismoTronic & Tunerview2: FAQ and Installation
  113. Nismotronic and other Platforms
  114. Boost by gear/ boost controller setup questions.
  115. NismoTronic Store Update
  116. E85 and flex fuel setup
  117. NismoTronic 3.7.005 Update: Accel Logging
  118. SD Fuel Factor and the effect on fuel map resolution
  119. Scaling and sizing injectors and sd factor
  120. ECU compatibility
  121. NismoTronic 3.7.00 Update: Startup Calibration Downloader
  122. SR16VE .tcd File
  123. Don't have a startup TCD that fits your setup? Look in here!
  124. Lost live data with update
  125. Need bin made plz.
  126. Giving car gas causes it to decelerate
  127. NismoTronic 3.6.001 Update:Save Graph Layout and Quick Function Keys
  128. Injector close time
  129. dMAP accel parameters
  130. Anti-Lag Setup on Nismotronic
  131. S15 siliva ecu with Nats compatible?
  132. First Startup on S13 SR20DET Redtop
  133. Need to bypass air valve under intake mani
  134. SA Programmable Outputs
  135. IAT Density Correction
  136. Best way to increase fuel at idle?????
  137. accel enrichment
  138. WHY? static timing to 3K and until 65c???
  139. NismoTronicSA Update: 3.4.3 (MIL Flashing Fixed)
  140. Check engine light coming on, again..
  141. August 3rd: NismoTronic Dyno Day + Meet
  142. TPS above 4.8 not recognized as 100% in nismotronic rt
  143. Anyone else had ongoing issues with hunting idle?
  144. Soften deceleration fuel cut on low RPMs
  145. High TP load values issue
  146. ADC input and output
  147. MAF vs MAP vs TPS/ALPHA
  148. Logging Screen Value Display
  149. o2 sensor code 33?
  150. MAF Calculations
  151. Organized Logged CSV headers + general tuning question
  152. Convert TCD to Bin file
  153. Direct wideband values not being logged?
  154. car wont start, seems to be out of phase
  155. wideband closed loop feedback opertion/ auto tune?
  156. wiring in NLS
  157. Car running horrible when cold
  158. Nismotronic SA and Virtual Dyno issue
  159. Direct Wideband not connecting
  160. Fan working issue with SA
  161. NismoTronicSA Setup Video
  162. NismoTronicSA Official Release
  163. Help with MAF issues, running too rich
  164. Prepping for MAP conversion
  165. A little NismoTronicSA Dyno Testing (SR20DET hx40 video inside!)
  166. ECU going into limp mode.....
  167. question about gauges
  168. Tunerview and SA Nemu firmware
  169. 370cc Injector lag (latency)?
  170. Need clarity on a few things...
  171. Just a clarification
  172. MAP and IAT Sensor Vehicles
  173. Windows 8 Support
  174. General interest
  175. Nemu dealers
  176. Question regarding the lack of an O2 sensor.
  177. Dyno Tuners
  178. IAT talk
  179. NEMU ECU making AIC valve going 40% by itself!!
  180. whats going on?
  181. How to: Logging
  182. Rich Idle... Can't seem to get it to come up.
  183. What is ECU Pin 35 for?... Dave, Help!
  184. On board logging with Nemu
  185. eTune service feeler
  186. Does the RD1 dash display work with tunercode and basic board?
  187. high idling at startup in cold weather
  188. b 14 ve, ve injectors, ve maf, ve injectors. super rich
  189. Nemu help
  190. VQ values for N60 maf in Nismotronic
  191. NEMU RT in P11 SR20VE built
  192. Nismotronic/NEMU options and capabilities request
  193. Calum RT & Nismotronic?
  194. adc unit voltage out
  195. launch control (help, how to?)
  196. Timing mode?
  197. Fan enable?
  198. VVL and rev limit woes
  199. Can Nismotronic do "Check engine" as a shift light?
  200. NO aircon on NEMU ecu
  201. I have Sooooo many questions!
  202. Looking for TCD file?
  203. Nismotronic in Pulsar GTI-R (Problems)
  204. I need TCD for my NEMU RT
  205. EMAIL DOWN - Please contact via PM!
  206. plx m300 tuner edition on NEMU RT
  207. Nemu adc 5v out only putting 1.8v out
  208. Self Tune Feature
  209. Just got my ECU!
  210. NismoTronic Feedback Thread
  211. Need help with wideband
  212. Aem Uego wideband
  213. Logging Values NOT Being Displayed? (Fix in Here!)
  214. NismoTronic T-Shirts
  215. Nismotronic in Pulsar GTI-R
  216. What are the minimum requirements?
  217. help ecu ecu class and maf current
  218. help Nismotronic RT
  219. Nemu ecu
  220. Question/Answer
  221. Break Out Board Install
  222. Dyno Video Thread
  223. nismotronic insight
  224. Dyno Tuning Services
  225. NEMU ADC Wiring - (New Break-Out Box)
  226. OBD2 to OBD1 Jumper Harness
  227. Basic OBD1 Nissan ECUs - Plug n Play
  228. TunerView RD1 Testing (Digital Cluster) into B14
  229. OBD1 ECU Chipping Services
  230. NismoTronicSA Tuning Packages